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How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

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Split-system air conditioners have become a popular solution for cooling rooms in homes and offices. They consist of two components: an indoor unit, which is installed inside the room, and an outdoor unit, which is placed outside. In this article, we will look at how to properly provide air conditioner servicing and install a split air conditioner system to work as efficiently as possible.


Step1: Choosing the right air conditioner model

Before installation, it is important to decide on the air conditioner’s capacity, type, and manufacturer. The unit’s capacity should match the area and volume of the room where it will be used. Also, pay attention to the energy efficiency class and the noise level, which should be as low as possible for a comfortable stay in the room.


Step 2: Choosing a place to install the system

Studying the information on how to correctly install a split system in a private house or apartment yourself, you first need to choose the location of its parts. To do this, it is necessary to consider the direction of cold/hot air flow distribution in the room, considering the basic technical requirements specified by the manufacturer of the equipment in the manual.

Specific rules must necessarily be taken into account when selecting the location of the units:

  • The distance between the unit and the ceiling should not be less than 15-20 cm, although some manufacturers specify 20-30 cm in the instructions;
  • From the side to the wall – not less than 30 cm;
  • To a barrier that will prevent exhaust airflow or disperse it – not less than 150 cm.


Step 3: Preparing for the works

As a rule, choosing split system installation by yourself comes after finding out prices from specialists. Incredibly high sums for a job that takes 3 hours are explained by the presence of expensive tools and their wear and tear in the exploitation process. This is what makes up the bulk of the fee for the master’s services.

If you look at the recommendations of the manufacturers of the equipment, it is often stated in the instructions that the preparatory work can be done on their own. Still, for the installation of piping connecting to an electrical network, the process of vacuuming is desirable to invite professionals with the appropriate tools.

  • Preparing the place for installation units. Preparing the place for installing the units includes fixing brackets on the wall and drilling holes for communications. Ensure that the unit locations allow easy access for maintenance and repair.
  • Installing units and routing utilities. First, install the indoor unit on the bracket and run the utilities between the units through the hole in the wall. Then secure the outdoor unit to the bracket or support and connect it to the indoor unit with the utilities.
  • Vacuuming the system. During installation work, the air gets into the air conditioner tubes, and if it is not removed, it will end up in the air conditioning system. The result is an increased load on the compressor, consequently heating it quickly.


Step 4: Checking the System

After installing all the components and connecting the utilities, you must check the system’s operation. Turn on the air conditioner, ensure it works without problems, and cool the room. If you encounter any problems, contact an air conditioner servicing professional to fix them.


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Once the system has been tested and filled with Freon, the installation can be completed. Make sure all utilities and fixtures are securely fastened and secured. If necessary, seal the hole in the wall with a sealing material or special plugs. Carry out cleaning of the working area, removing the remains of materials and tools. All these steps involve certain difficulties, so it is better to order this service from professionals. 


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