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How to Keep Your Home Clean With Indoor Pets: Top 6 Tips


Though pets are a fantastic company, they can get a bit stinky if you haven’t been maintaining them well. Even after a regular bath and brushing, your pet dog or cat might still shed on your furniture and carpet. This might get embarrassing when you have sudden guests over as you rush to brush away the furballs and loose pet hair. Or, your pet may have rolled in a puddle and walked into the house, leaving a trail of muddy paw prints on the floor.

Therefore, to keep your house clean even when you have indoor pets, follow the top six tips covered in this article.


1. Keep Your Pet Clean

Set up a regular grooming routine for your pet. Try not to use pet shampoo too often. Having a quick wash down using plain water might be enough to keep your pet clean as well as your house.

Keep your damp pet confined to one specific area where you can find an easy to clean floor such as a laundry room, kitchen, etc. Make sure you are giving them a proper wash using a pet shampoo from time to time.

If you want to avoid an eau de wet dog, you will need to dry them thoroughly afterwards. If you don’t do so, remember to clean up the hair from the laundry, kitchen, or wherever you had kept your pet to dry. Clean your house according to the cleaning experts at Oh So Spotless to remove pet hair.

Depending on the breed, if your pet requires de-shedding or trimming, contact a professional dog groomer to get a thorough job done and turn your hairy pet into a handsome one.


2. Take Care of Their Paw

You need to keep the nails of your pet trimmed as a preventive measure and to limit unsightly nail damage.

If your pet scamps about with its too-long nails, it might result in scratched leather, marred hardwood floors, and punctured upholstery. Make sure you are giving pedicures to your pet to avoid damaging your floor and furniture.

Keeping door mats might help you keep the doggie paws cleaner even if you have failed to train your pet how to wipe their feet. Place a doormat outside the door which is good to take into the dirt.

A washable throw rug can be a great addition as well to remove the extra dirt and debris. These two items can help you keep your house free from the outside filth just by having your dog walking across them.


3. Clean Your Pet’s Things Regularly

Pet belongings including beds, toys as well as leashes pick up a strong dog odor which is required to be cleaned regularly. Check if the toys are machine-washable. If not, you will have to wash them by hand in the sink. Remember to do this chore on a sunny day so that you can make sure they are thoroughly dried outside in the sun and the odor is gone.


4. Buy a Sensible Dog Bed

You might get lured to see the extra fluffy lining and decadent design when walking beside a pet store with a pet bed aisle. Don’t get fooled as they can be a nightmare for you to clean. Instead, you may go for an easy to wipe down or water-resistant option. You will just have to give it a quick wipe once a week. Then, leave it outside in the air and sun whenever possible to make sure it does not carry any bad smell.


5. Use a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Purchase a quality vacuum cleaner so that you may easily pick up pesky hairs and also do away with the odor. You require an extra-strong suction to pull hair out smoothly. Make sure the quality of the filter is good and has a great brush action so it doesn’t just glide over the surface.

Even a “non-shedding” pet leaves hair, dirt, and other debris when they enter your house after playing outside as they tend to roll around in the yard. So, having a vacuum cleaner can make a huge difference. A robot vacuum can be a great choice. It can run even if you are outside or asleep.

Some models are advanced and programmed to run on your set schedule as well. Whatever you purchase, try to pick a quality one and always remember to regularly clean out your vacuum filter since clogged hair and dirt can spread the smell wherever you vacuum next.


6. Invest in Durable Materials

You can avoid a dirty couch and clawed-up carpet by opting for décor that is made of sturdy and durable materials. Using indoor or outdoor rugs with a strong material that cannot be easily torn can be a good idea. If your pet loves to remain on the sofa with you, make sure to upgrade the couch.

Choosing the wrong material might give you a headache if it retains pet odors, acts as a hair magnet, and shows up the slightest stain. To avoid these, look for sofas that are made of tightly woven materials or leather. Picking one similar shade to your doggie will be a wise choice too.

Use durable materials for the belongings of your pet. Try to use stain-resistant fabrics wherever your pet loves to play. You will find them easier to clean. It will also help you to keep the home looking fresh.




Keeping pets indoors may be tricky at times as they leave their hair and furball in the most obvious places like the couch and rugs. However, things can be easier to maintain with the right steps and a proper schedule. After all, you don’t want to be deprived of the love of your cat or dog just because they shed! That’s why we have covered the top six tips to keep your home neat and clean even with indoor pets.



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