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How to replace windshield wipers

windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are the essential part of your car’s safety system. Yet, they are often being ignored until just another cloud-burst or snowstorm.

Why is it important to keep the windshield blades in a good shape? Why you shouldn’t neglect replacing them?

How can you do the change yourself? Check out our instructions and get to learn these useful tips.

Most of us usually have no time to do windshield blades replacement in time. And it comes with the job of peeping out of the window trying to determine other cars and objects.

Especially during severe weather conditions like heavy rains, blizzards or sandstorms, your wipers have to undergo hard times. Apart from that, the rubber dries out over time.

Because of the sun, dust and durable exploitation, they need to be replaced once or twice a year. Everything depends on the climate and frequency of use.Streaky windshield

So, try to combine your particular situation with general recommendations of wipers replacement. Besides, don’t forget to consult your car’s manual.

If your wipers show inadequate performance, it should get your attention. Worn-out blades create pour visibility and hinder your orientation on the road.

In some cases it’s enough just to wipe all the dirt of the blades. But there are some tips, which can help you to define that the time has come to install a new pair of wiper blades.

How to understand you need windshield wipers to be replaced?

  • Water streaking
  • Smoke-gray film
  • Windshield creaking
  • Worn out wipers
  • Sticking wipers
  • Other malfunction

In general, the process of fitting new windshield wipers is rather simple and common for most car vehicles. You can easily complete this project with pliers, screwdriver and a tape measure.

It will take about only 10 minutes of your free time to do the change. Our guide will help you to increase your car safety level and save money at once.

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How to change your windshield wipers yourself

  1. Measure the wipers

    First step you should do is to measure the length of wiper blades in your car. Use a tape measure or a simple ruler.
    As an alternative, check the length of your wipers according to the owner’s manual. Remember the size you need and go to your local auto parts store.windshield wipers size measure
    To ensure you got the figures correctly, you can write them down and take them along.
    When measuring, don’t let wipers play head game with you. The length of two wipers can be different in some cars. It’s ok.

  2. Purchase new blades

    With exact length calibration, head to the auto part store. Today it’s not a problem to buy a pair of wipers in service centers or even at gas stations .
    So, next time when changing oil in your car, you can make a point of changing your wiper blades.new windshield wipers
    If you come to the shop, you can also consult catalogs. They will help you to get particularly what you need.
    Shop assistants have to check you exact car model, manufacturer’s requirements and all other factors that should be taken into consideration.

  3.  Remove the old wipers

    To install a pair of new wipers you need to remove the old ones. When doing it, consider some cautions.
    First, always remember, that you can harm your windshield, as the wiper arm is made of metal. You can easily scratch the glass, so be careful.
    Pull the whole arm from the windshield and raise it in vertical position.  Then put down a tab, which is located in the place when the metal arm meets a rubber blade.vertical wipers
    Take off the old wiper.  Some autos may have pins or hooks.
    After you separated the wiper, don’t let the metal arm up. It will definitely fall onto your windshield.

  4. Fix the new wipers

    Before starting, remember that it’s better to install one wiper by one. It again prevents you from different kinds of damages.
    Make sure the arms stay in the previous position so that you can easily insert the new wiper. Find a hole where the old wiper was fixed.
    Push the parts together until you hear a click. Ensure that the wiper is well-established.windshield wipers installation
    After that, just lower the arm back to the windshield. Do it slowly and don’t cast it. Repeat the same steps with the other wiper.
    You may need to even the plastic clips. For this purpose, rotate the clips. That’s all.

You have finished the job that took a little of your spare time. Otherwise, have a professional windshield wiper blades change by the auto repair specialists.

This simple step will contribute to your car safety. With new wiper blades you will feel comfortable in every kind of weather.

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  1. Lyle Floyd

    This is great info! Is this pump for the windshield washer or the headlight washer????

  2. Jackson

    Now everyone will get to know how to replace the windshield of their car easily and get their problem solved.

  3. Advance Auto Parts

    One of the important things we have to make sure of before and while driving is our visibility. Exactly the main reason why people with color blindness and poor eyesight have a hard time or don’t really get a chance to have a driver’s license. So when talking about driving visibility, we’re not just pertaining to our eye health; certain auto parts also function in order to ensure the clearness of our vision while driving – our car headlights and even our windshield wipers.


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