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How to Support Your Child During College


If your child is in college, you are likely happy about the person they have become, and even though they are now a young adult and living away from home, you likely know that it’s still important for them to have a good support system in place. There are several ways you can be there for your child if they need anything.


Help Them with Financial Decisions

This is an important time to be there for your child because of all the decisions they have to make. Every decision they make now can impact the rest of their life. If they get into credit card debt now, it could take years to pay it back, especially only paying the minimum balance each month. Talk to your child about expenses like tuition, books, housing, and food, and help them compare costs to choose the right option. You can also help them look to grants, scholarships, and loans. One option is to help them get a loan by cosigning on it with them. Being an Earnest student loan cosigner can help them get approved faster than doing it on their own.


Be Supportive of Their Goals

You may have ideas of what you think your child should study in school or do after graduation, but know they are their own person. You can give them your opinions and offer advice, but ultimately, what they study is up to them. Your child should know you support their goals, no matter what they are.


Don’t Fix Every Problem They Have

It can be tempting to help your child out if you see they are in trouble, but it is important to not fix every problem they have or every mistake they make. Instead, offer advice or point them toward helpful resources. It’s important for your child to learn how to deal with these situations on their own because this is what helps them grow as a person. When your child knows they have to face consequences on their own, they are more likely to think about what they are doing, and this can help them make better choices.


Check in with Them

You might think your child is busy doing their own thing and does not want to hear from you, but that might not be true. It can be hard for young adults to go to college on their own, and this is a time when they likely need more support than ever before. Checking in with your child can help you show that you care and that you are there if they need anything. When your child knows you are checking in on them, they might feel less homesick as they get used to college. Just make sure you are not taking all their time because they need time to focus on their new friends and studies too. Many parents talk on the phone or do a video call once a week but speak with your child to determine how often they would like to communicate with you.

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