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Learn top skills for resume to be ahead of competition!

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Even people with perfect jobs think about improving their resumes sometimes. A lot of Americans make New Year’s resolutions related to the job search or any additional professional development. And this year was not an exception. If you read these lines and saw yourself in them, then this is the article you’ve been looking for. Today we’ll talk about the top skills for resume you need to have in order to get the job of your dreams in 2018.

Year by year market becomes more and more competitive, so you need to ensure that you are among the leaders and not vice versa. To get to the top positional you need to know top skills for resume that will put you ahead of the competition and instantly earn the trust of a potentional employer.

In the era of technological advancement, there is no need to blabber on your formal education or diploma from Harvard. Today the whole recruitment process is based on the actual knowledge you possess. Nobody basically cares how you learned these of those skills. The important fact is that you can include particular top skills for resume and can prove in practice you do have them.

So what skills are valuable in 2018? What courses do you need to sign up for to become the main candidate for a desired position? How to write about these skills to be noticed by the recruiters and headhunters? We collected six top skills for resume writing to help you get a dream job without a hitch this year!

Top skills for resume this year

  1. Project management

    Project management is a very broad term that may include a wide range of duties. Project managers are basically people who coordinate projects, connect the dots, create schedules, and control the whole working progress. These are people who know the project from A to Z and can fill in any absent workers in the entire chain of employees.

    For you to write project management as one of your top skills for a resume, you basically need to be organized and multi-functional. You should be able to control several processes at a time, consult several people on different subjects at a time, and be able to stay sane and friendly regardless of the deadlines. If you can do that, then project management is your forte. Don’t be afraid to show off your strength in the resume. Write “project management” as one of the top skills for resume and provide several examples of your complete projects.

    If you still don’t know about project management, resume writers advise getting online and getting your certificate right now! You can find courses starting from $10 per course and up to $49 per month on different platforms.

    project management

  2. Excel

    Even though not all companies use Excel in its classy offline form, Google gave the second life to the traditional Microsoft Excel. Most companies in the world create shareable documents on Google drives to ensure that collaborators from all over the world have access to the same document at the same time.

    Excel is a very tricky program that has thousands of hidden benefits. If you can call yourself the Magician of Excel, then you simply have to make a note about it in your top skills for resume. Not so many people bother about rationalizing their job. If you can offer professional knowledge of Excel that will cut in half some of the company’s time for recording job process, then you will be hired without any doubts.

    In case you still have troubles with Excel, you can watch tutorials on YouTube or enroll in an online course that will cost around $11 on different platforms.


  3. Email marketing

    Emailing is very much alive and flourishes day by day. Emails remain one of the most common means of communication between companies. Moreover, many establishments also use emails for internal communication as well. This means that if you know how to attract new clients by simply writing emails, then you are an indispensable member of any big company in the world.

    If you know how to write an email, what words to use to keep the clients put or make them buy something, you must mention this among your top skills for resume. Professional communication has always been valuable in the business world, and it didn’t lose its weight today.

    Should you need some additional training, you can also apply for an online course. The cost begins from $10 per several lectures. Yet it is advised to go for a full-length course because this kind of knowledge is universal and will be useful at any job place you find.

    email marketing

  4. Google Analytics

    Many businesses today leave their physical representations and dive into the online world. Regardless of the niche a business occupies, if it is online, it needs Google Analytics. This tool allows experts to boost online presence of a brand or a web page in the Web world. This means that if you are the master of Google Analytics then you can control a particular company and help it become number one in its field.

    Business owners care about their web pages, websites, and about what people think of their online presence. This is why in 2018 Google Analytics won its place among top skills for resume writing. If you are planning to work in the online world, then knowing at least basics about this tool is a must for you.

    To learn about Google Analytics you can go to some independent platforms which offer full courses or you can just visit the official Google website and find free tutorials there.

    Google Analytics

  5. Web development

    Web development is a tough skill to learn because it requires time and effort much more than the top skills for resume described above. However, it is a really useful one because, as it has already been said, online presence is very popular among all business owners nowadays. To write “web development” among your top skills for resume you should know HTML, Javascript, CSS, and JQuery. In case you know these programming support environments only partially, you should still write about such as skill in your resume. This will show your potential employer that you know the basics and can learn the rest on short notice.

    The beneficial quality of web development skill is that you can easily learn it online. Yet, be ready for such courses to cost more than $10, especially if you aim at becoming an expert in the field.

    web development

  6. Public speaking and presentation skills

    These skills have been popular since time immemorial. If you can speak and persuade, then you are an extremely valuable employer for any company in any field. People who know how to speak and present their ideas in clear and grammatically right language are worth their weight in gold in the market.

    If you want to add public speaking and presentation skill to the top skills for resume then you need to know how to build a speech to keep everyone interested and how to time persuade them at the same; you need to know how to create a beautiful presentation not only in Power Point, but in Prezi or SlideRocket as well. You need to have a trained voice and know how to keep the pace. You also have to know how to be the face of a brand in any possible meaning of it.

    Public speaking and presentation skills are those competencies that also require a lot of time to master. But if you’re willing to learn check online tutorials first and then learn from the best speech makers by watching their videos online.

    public speaking

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