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List of the 5 Best Websites for Online Car Auctions in 2023


What if you were able to afford your dream car? Does it sound impossible? It’s actually not. When you attend a car auction, you can find the latest and most in-demand cars at the most affordable prices.

You don’t even have to drive up to auction sites when you use an online car auction platform such as A Better Bid (ABB). By registering online, you will be able to look through an extensive collection of vehicles and place a bid on the one you prefer.

Nevertheless, it is important to do some research before placing a bid at an online car auction. So, we put together a list of some of the best online car auctions in 2023.


A Better Bid (ABB)

  • On a daily basis, thousands of vehicles are offered for auction on ABB, one of the leading online car auctions. There are a variety of vehicles available on the platform including affordable and quality cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and jet skis, among others. ATVs, dirt bikes, and industrial machinery are also available for bidding.

Besides providing a large inventory of more than 300,000 vehicles for auction, A Better Bid also lets you find the ideal vehicle for your needs from a large inventory. You can find great deals on the vehicle that interests you using the site’s wide range of features. Your search can be filtered based on the type of vehicle or the make and model of the car. Furthermore, you can find cars from a number of world-renowned manufacturers at ABB.

Once you begin your search, you will be able to view photos and detailed descriptions of each vehicle. The site also offers alerts to notify you when a vehicle you’re interested in is about to go up for auction.

It is easy to place bids and, if you need help, ABB offers customer support as well.


Richmond Auto Auction

It is possible to find great deals on used cars at Richmond Auto Auction. Their platform features more than 400 vehicles each week; so, you’re sure to find a vehicle that suits your needs.

Public inspections of vehicles precede live auctions, which are open to the public. However, you may not be able to inspect the vehicle if you plan to bid online.


Capital Auto Auction

In the last few decades, Capital Auto Auction has sold thousands of vehicles in the United States. From family minivans to boats and motorcycles, they sell a variety of vehicles across the country. 


Carriage Trade

Public auto auctions like Carriage Trade are among America’s most popular. Almost 30,000 vehicles are sold each year, including cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles.

It is a public auction, not a private auction, which is available only to dealers. It is important to note, however, that the vehicles are sold as-is. In light of this, you should conduct thorough research before buying a vehicle.

Besides offering financing through a third-party lender, Carriage Trade auction house also offers auto loan options. You can place a bid online or at live auctions, which usually take place on Mondays at 3 P.M.


Abingdon Auto Auction

With Abingdon Auto Auction, you can buy or sell used cars in a unique and convenient way. Dealers from Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia can attend this dealer-only auto auction in Southwest Virginia.

The company offers a huge variety of vehicles, including vintage race cars, track frames, and used cars. It is not possible for everyone to participate in the auction since it is only open to individuals with their dealer’s licenses.




Online car auctions offer a great way to find a variety of vehicles in one place, whether you are looking for a new car or just browsing. It’s hard to decide which sites are worth your time when more and more pop up every year. That is why we compiled this list of the five best online car auction sites in 2023 so that you can shop with confidence.

Interested in bidding on your first car? Check out ABB’s easy-to-use platform. We provide you with access to a wide variety of vehicles and allow you to easily and quickly place a bid! 

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