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Marketing insight: why use bots in home improvement business

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Good customer service is the foundation of a successful start-up business in the field of home improvement. Here if you get negative reviews from the very beginning, be ready that you won’t get far. So apart from impeccable services you provide, your customer support must be at its highest level.

Yes, it’s hard to control everything at a time, especially if your business includes only one person – yourself. You won’t be able to tear down someone’s kitchen, for instance, while answering an inquiry or booking. And that’s the exact moment you can use artificial intelligence in the form of bots to get your business going.

Chatbots are available for almost all popular social media platforms. As a part of business development you definitely have set up a business page on Facebook or Instagram, so no doubt you use those platforms in addition to Telegram or Slack for contacting your potential clients. By creating bots for all those messaging platforms you can save time and money while still getting your customers flow right.
If you’ve never heard of chatbots or don’t know how and why to create those bots for your business, then here are three reasons for you.

3 reasons to use bots

Chat bots

Availability 24/7

Nobody likes staying on hold or waiting in an online chat for the operator to get the answer (in case of a small business, it is one and the same person as the contractor). With bots, you can minimize the waiting time for your customers and help them receive the needed information. Whether phone-based or computer-based, bots will guide your customer through all the required questions either to the answer of the problem or to you directly. This saves time for useless questioning since the bot will get all the information without your participation.

Moreover, by getting a bot in all your social media accounts and phone lines you become open for service 24/7. From now on, it doesn’t matter if a potential customer calls after midnight since all their problems will be written and in the morning you can check them and set the fixing day.

Money-saving tool

When you’re only starting a home improvement business, you are likely not to have much budget to give it away for a hotline or a person who will be constantly answering all your calls and requests. And since the money is tight, you can only pay once to some computer specialists who will set all those bots for you once and for all, and only for a one-time payment.

Of course, there’s no glass ceiling to improving your business. And to make your bots better, you can simply ask customers to fill in a simple survey that will help you identify bots’ weaknesses for their further development. And don’t lose contact with those computer experts because you will need them after some time for fixing the problems.

Customer satisfaction

As it’s been already said, customer satisfaction is the basis of your business, so the happier your clients are, the richer you get. Sometimes clients may get emotional and rattle their support specialists; such unpleasant episodes with the support raising the voice or swearing online are the moments that lower your business name. Bots, on the other hand, don’t do any of that. They are simple codes that follow the algorithm and thus, cannot offend anyone, they can only help deal with the issue or transfer it to you directly.

On top of that, you can program your bots to speak any language you need. Seeing that more and more immigrants to the US don’t speak good English, providing them a possibility to explain the problem with a mother tongue broadens the market opportunities for you and give more space to your business.

Bottom line

In the era of technology, you can’t ignore the benefits technologies can do for a business. With the help of chatbots you will be able to get your business going 24/7 without a hitch and at the same time continue expanding your working areal. Don’t hesitate about applying bots in your home improvement business! Should you have any questions, feel free to ask here in comments or contact one of our computer specialists for professional assistance.

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