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Mold removal tips: DIY ideas for healthy living

mold removal

Mold is a fungus that can grow anywhere in your house: starting from your fruit and ending with your walls and ceiling. Depending on its species, it can be of black, blue, green, or red color. And if in case of a fruit, you can just throw it away, you definitely cannot do the same with the construction elements of your house or apartment. Still, the mold is not as unpredictable as you can first think so read on to find out about the mold removal to be ready to meet it face-to-face and set your home free from it.

Why does mold appear?

Mold spores are literally everywhere and in small amounts don’t make any discomfort or pose any threat. But when their number starts to grow that is the time to ring the tocsin.

Mold starts growing when your place of living becomes favorable for its development. And these conditions vary on the species but in general, the range of temperatures and humidity is rather extensive. Still, you have to know that damp old houses, apartments on the first floor, unreasonable using of humidifiers and a great number of tropic plants are the mold’s best friends. In short, mold tends to appear where there are high humidity and lack of proper ventilation.

Where does mold grow?

You can find mold anywhere: on the ceiling, walls, floor, window sills, etc. And you won’t miss it because of its color and specific smell. It can also propagate in the places you would have never expected it to see such as washing or dishwashing machines, filters of air-conditioners, fridges, books, wallpapers, and wicked chairs. The most common inhabited rooms are bathrooms with their showers and kitchens with their sinks.

molded bow-pots

What harm can mold do?

Health issues

In most cases, mold does not make any harmful effect except that your sense of beauty may suffer.

But in some rare cases, as you breathe mold spores in, it can cause multiple respiratory problems and make you even allergic to it in some time if it persists. You can also be exposed to mold through your skin.

There are some common symptoms indicating that mold makes an adverse effect on your health, among them: chronic fatigue, headache, fever, head fog, sneezing, blurred vision, vertigo and even such unusual ones as tremor and weight loss, pain in joints, muscle cramps and so on.

However, all these health problems can be as well addressed to lots of others, sometimes even more dangerous health states. In case you feel at least some of them occasionally, do visit a doctor in order not to pile up problems.

Harm to your home

Mold also weakens the surface where it grows. Taking into account, that it prefers cellulose-based materials (like drywall sheets), it’s not that difficult to imagine the final result of mold exposure on your property.

How to preempt mold regrowth and further mold removal?

The mold problem is never solved by one preliminary measure. You have to be persistent and carry out the following steps:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Bring humidity and ventilation under control
  3. Clean walls, floor or ceiling mechanically, use a scraper or a rigid broom.
  4. Work up all the surfaces with special liquid for mold removal.
  5. Throw away all the things which were extensively damaged by mold.

If you can’t find a single spare minute for this, turn to professional cleaners. They can easily cope with the cleaning of your walls, ceilings, windows, and so on, and you won’t have to worry about it ever again (hopefully).

Remember! If the mold covers about 10 square feet, you should hurry up with calling a professional since the things are getting real indeed!

Never caulk or paint the surfaced exposed to mold. It’s a stopgap measure. Clean it thoroughly and then apply any paint or caulk.

Mold removal means

Remedies for your health

In case you know for sure that mold is the reason for your health problems, you can try these usual products to improve your state:

  • Raw garlic
  • Activated charcoal
  • Cinnamon
  • Oregano
  • Green juices, etc.
  • Remember though that all these pieces of advice are mere recommendations and are not a full-blown solution.

    Remedies to your home

    Put on protective clothing before you start cleaning your home. Protective clothing includes goggles, gloves, and a respiratory mask.

    Special household detergents

    One of the best means for mold removal is a special household detergent, which can be easily bought in any building material store. Such solutions carry out two functions: they help to get rid of mold and prevent its appearing hereafter.

    Before start priming on the exposed surface, you should clean it first as the fungus could have penetrated it very deeply already.
    solution for mold removal


    Home remedies also can help to kill the mold. They aren’t so effective as a primer, but at the same time, they are less toxic. With the help of bleach, you can get rid of different types of mold in your house. The main active substance in it is sodium hypochlorite. It kills mold and its spores. Bleach is better to use for tiles in the bathroom, glasses or floors.

    Careful! Bleach can spoil the surface of your furniture.

    bleacher for mold removal


    Usual vinegar is a weak acid and it can kill mold too. It has some specific smell, but it doesn’t release dangerous evaporation, like bleach, for instance. To kill mold with a help of vinegar, you should spray it (or use a wet cloth for this). After an hour you have to water the place and ventilate it.

    vinegar for mold removal

    Tea tree oil

    Another good remedy to kill the mold at home. You should make a solution of tea tree oil and water, shake it and pour in a spray bottle. After that, spray the solution on the exposed area. Be careful, though, tea tree oil has a potent odor.

    another solution for mold removal

    Hope this information will come in handy. Leave a comment, or ask a question below in case you have some. Stay tuned!

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