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Savvy ways to keep your house cool in summer

girl in front of fan trying to keep house cool in summer

Keeping your house cool during the summer is a constant struggle. Sometimes the temperature gets so high that even a well-functioning air conditioning system doesn’t save you from the stifling heat. And, for many of us maintaining comfortable room temperature in summer is quite an expense, as when those heat spells come, electricity bills jump up and dredge the importance of effective cooling even more. These hacks will help you find a compromise between the financial side of the issue and your own comfort by improving your cost-effective house cooling game.

Tips to keep your house cool in the summer

  1. Reduce the cooling load during the daytime

    Don’t increase the indoor temperature and make your air conditioning system work even harder by performing heat-producing tasks during the daytime. Try to put off such things as running a dishwasher, cooking on a stove or in an oven, vacuuming, etc. for the evening. Replace your incandescent bulbs, which use more energy to heat the space than to light it up, with energy-efficient ones.Barbecue on the grill

  2. Cook outside

    As I mentioned above, cooking inside during summer produces the unwanted heat, makes the room unbearable to stay in and adds to the A/C’s workload. Kill two, no, three birds with one stone by cooking outside: enjoy the outdoors, do your share of summertime grilling and keep your house cool.

  3. Install ceiling fans

    Run them along with the air conditioning system in the room you’re currently staying in. The air circulation will make the area seem cooler and much more comfortable to be in, as well as allow setting the thermostat to a much higher setting and decrease electricity consumption. For instance, if you normally try to keep your thermostat at 72F-78F to keep your house cool in the summer, you may easily set it at 82F, turn the ceiling fan on in your room, and the pleasant breeze won’t let you notice a difference. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you leave that room.ceiling fan to keep house cool in summer

  4. Make sure that your air conditioning system is functioning properly

    If you’re A/C is running full force, but you still can’t keep your house cool in the summer, it might indicate a serious system issue. Prevent the waste of energy and improve your comfort levels by inviting an experienced HVAC contractor over and ask him to inspect and fix your air conditioning system. You may easily do that by visiting HireRush.com and leaving a quick task to get matched up with local professionals. Leave your request here

  5. Install white window shades and keep them closed during the daytime

    Mini blinds are great too, as, depending on the outdoor temperature, they may decrease the heat gain by 40-50 percent. Keep windows shut as well. Otherwise, you will let the hot air in and make your air con work even more intensively. ma hanging vertical blinds to keep house cool in summer

  6. Employ ventilation during the nighttime

    Once the temperature drops in the evening and you get ready to go to bed, save money and, instead of keeping your thermostat on a lower setting, save money by using ceiling fans in bedrooms, opening windows and letting the outside breeze do its magic. Open interior doors for better air flow and make sure that your window/door screens are in for insect protection.

  7. Opt for summer-appropriate bedding

    This tip doesn’t really keep your house cool in the summer, but definitely provides more comfortable sleep. Cotton is the best fabric for summer bedding, as it is much more breathable than flannel, thus, it keeps your body cooler. A pillow cooling pad will keep you from sweating at night too. person making the bed

  8. Replace your outdated A/C

    If your central air conditioner has gone through many years of use, consider replacing it with a modern, energy efficient (SEER rating above 12) and more powerful unit. This will save you a lot of money in electricity bills, as well as make keeping your house cool in the summer much easier. Temperature controlling options and customizing properties of modern appliances make them worth investing in even more. However, don’t forget to get assistance from a HVAC contractor to choose a properly sized unit and get it installed correctly.A/C to keep house cool in summer

  9. Don’t forget about the A/C maintenance

    Ensure proper maintenance to make your A/C function properly for a long time and prevent the efficiency reduction. Clean its air filters once a month during summer, check the amount of refrigerant every once in a while and troubleshoot leaks.

  10. Keep your body cool

    If your air conditioner fails to keep your house cool in summer or if you just want to add to the effect, make sure to avoid things that make your body feel hot in summer: wearing synthetic clothes, eating heavy meals during the day, cuddling, etc. Stay hydrated: drink more water, infuse it with fruit if you don’t like it plain, and stay away from sugary drinks.fruit infused water and fruit bowl

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