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Sew in weave: burning questions answered


Some people accuse women who decide to get sewin weaves of not wanting to embrace their identity and natural beauty and covering it up with fake hairstyles. But, what a weave is actually designed for doesn’t have anything to do with undermining the beauty of curly African-American hair, or making people who wear it without relaxing, straightening, coloring or incorporating sew-ins feel less confident and less pretty, or supporting the generalized beauty standards which erase unique features and individualism.

In fact, weaves are great options for those, who want to grow their natural hair out, preserve it in a great condition, give it a break from chemical influence and heat damage, experiment with different hairstyles without running natural hair, as well as make the daily hair styling and maintenance process a bit easier and less time-consuming. Not only it cuts down the stress natural hair is subject to due to styling, combing and weather influence, but also provides the hair conditioning, moisturizing, breakage prevention and treatment benefits.

Consequently, a sew in weave is a protective, practical and temporary hairstyle no woman should be shamed for. Here’re the answers to the most burning weave-related questions that may come to your mind if you’re thinking about getting a sew-in weave for yourself.

Sew in weave Q&A

Will it look natural?

The extent to which your sew in weave will look natural will depend on a couple of factors. The hairdresser’s experience, the quality of his weave installation job, the quality of the additional hair used for a weave and the final cut are the deal-breakers which determine the outcome of the sew in hairstyle and its appearance. Don’t buy cheap synthetic hair extensions that shed and tangle easily if you want your weave to look natural and last for a long time. The maintenance you’ll ensure at home is quite crucial as well.

So, yes, high-quality sew-ins look pretty natural.

Does it feel uncomfortable?

As the hair extensions get attached to the cornrows your hairstylist will braid prior to the weave installation and those braids are quite tight and flat, a sew in might feel a bit uncomfortable and foreign to your head. But that sensation will go away as soon as your hair gets used to the new position and hair extensions. The first hair wash helps as well. Just be patient and don’t panic. You’ll be fine.

How much does it cost to get a weave sewn in?

No one would be able to tell you that for sure. The total price will depend on the amount of hair you’ll have to buy for your weave, its length and the amount of money your hair stylist will charge you for an installation. Additionally, natural human hair for a weave costs a lot more than synthetic extensions. The cost will vary due to that fact as well.

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Can I get a weave if I don’t have African-American hair texture?

Of course. There’s a common misconception that only African-American women wear sew in weaves. But, people with other hair textures may totally go for such a protective hairstyle, especially if they want to give their thin damaged hair a break from styling and coloring, as well as have longer/shorter hair that looks quite natural.

Do I need to have my natural hair relaxed to get a sew in weave?

Not at all. As mentioned above, it will work on different hair textures equally great. In fact, sew in weave is a perfect hairstyle for those, who’d like to transition to their natural hair, but skip the awkward hair texture stage.

How much hair do I need to buy for a sew in?

If you want to go for a partial sew in, you’ll most likely be fine with one pack of hair. A full head sew in will require at least two of those. That makes approximately 8oz of hair. Don’t forget to take into consideration the desired thickness of a weave when shopping for hair extensions.

What’s the minimum natural hair length appropriate for a sew in?

Most hairdressers will tell you that your hair has to be at least 3 inches long for them to be able to braid it into cornrows and install a sew in weave. There’re no hair length limitations for a bonded weave, though.

How long will it take to get a weave sewn in and what touch-ups will I need afterward?

Depending on the client (the length, the texture and the thickness of the natural hair in particular), it may take a trained professional from 3 to 5 hours to install a sew in weave. You’ll need to get it tightened and the edges- relaxed (not obligatory) 4-6 weeks after the installation.

How often should I wash my hair if I have a sew in weave?

You should shampoo it once in two weeks, or you may wash it more often if you feel like you need to. Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo though and never go to bed with wet hair and cornrows.

How to care for my hair with an install at home?

Apart from shampooing your sew-in every two weeks, you need to condition it and apply a moderate amount of oil to your scalp to keep your own hair moisturized and the sew in – soft and shiny. Make sure to brush your hair every day and get rid of the possible tangles with a special weave detangling brush. Feel free to experiment with the sew-in hairstyles and style your new hair however you want (curl, straighten, braid, wrap, wear a scarf, etc.), but stick to the tools and products recommended by your hairdresser if you have a synthetic weave.

Does a sew in weave help with hair growth?

It won’t promote speedy hair growth, but it will protect your hair from the external influence, as well as keep the whole length of your natural hair moisturized if you care for it as described above. This will help your natural hair grow better and healthier.

Will it damage my hair?

No, at least if a weave is installed, cared for and taken off correctly. Remember, a sew in weave is a combination of two protective hairstyles (cornrows and the actual weave). So, it’s meant to keep your away from the styling and coloring damage, help it retain the moisture, minimize the breakage and benefit the healthy hair growth.


How long does it last?

A sew in weave may last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks on average, but you should ask a hair stylist who’s going to install it for you to give a more accurate number considering the peculiarities of your natural hair and the installation technique.

Can I take it off on my own?

You should, by all means, avoid taking a sew in weave off on your own and leave this job to a professional hair stylist qualified to install/remove sew ins. Otherwise, you may cause severe damage to your hair while combing it out of cornrows.

Comments (13)

  1. Amanda Drew

    That sounds really cool that weaves are easy to work with as long as you brush every day by using a special detangling brush. My hair isn’t growing at the rate I want it to, and I’m going to be married in a week. I really wanted my hair to be long enough to reach to the soft of my back, but it’s only just past my shoulder blades. I should find somewhere near me to get a weave put in so that I have the hair length I want.

  2. Bella Disuja

    Your all blogs are very nice and fantastic. I really like sew in weave blog. Thanks for writing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. Brilliant job Thank you.

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Thank you!

  3. Skylar

    How long does a sew in removal for thin hair take at a salon?

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Hi! It depends on the hair stylist. On average, sew in removal takes from 7 to 25 minutes.

  4. Sandra Granger

    Question – I just did the sew in for the first time but the hair looks a bit shiny in front. I’ve tried powder bit it doesn’t work. Can I relax it to take out the shine? Other suggestions?

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Thank you for your question! First of all, you should find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. If it doesn’t work for you, turn to the hairstylist you’ve made a sew-in at. S/he is likely to have an explanation for that.

  5. Lena

    Hi I have very long hair I say up to my buttcheeks that’s saying I do want to give my hair a break it’s overall very damaged and dry and I shed allot I want to give it a break I am really considering getting a weave I saw online do I purchase one online then call my stylist to install?
    Would they install/sew my hair even if I have long damage thick hair?

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Hi Lena, honestly I do not know if your hair stylist does it or not. It depends on your hair and the expertise of your hair stylist. In general, that is absolutely possible but you’d better consult your professional. Have a good day and stay tuned!

  6. Nikki

    Hi! I want to do a really thick curly style sewin. Will the curls stay when I wash it or will I have to curl it back?

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Hi Nikki, I guess, you have to curl your hair back after you wash it.

      1. Ebonie

        So when you get the sewin can you pick it up in a ponytail if you want or part another way then you had or will you have to just keep it in the same place at all times so you don’t ruin the hair

        1. Yulia Poltavets

          You can make a ponytail if the sewin is done right. For this purpose, you have to choose the right hair stylist, that’s it.


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