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Step-by-step guide on how to clean air conditioner

Air Conditioning Technician

Summer is the season, when you extremely need your air conditioner to function effectively. One of the most powerful ways to activate your conditioner is its proper maintaining and cleaning. Here we going to talk about some useful tips on how you can clean your home air conditioner yourself.

First, it is needless to say that most of our appliances require careful keeping and cleaning. Dust and dirt or various deposits that accumulate on domestic machines inhibit airflow.

In turn, your domestic appliances become blocked up. Especially, if we talk about an air conditioner, providing a proper ventilation is very crucial.

Don’t be hurry to carry your conditioner to service person. If the effectiveness of the conditioner has fallen down, consider one simple reason why it has happened so.

A simple chokage can really hinder your air conditioner to run freely. For all that, if you find hiring professional cleaners, HVAC contractors or any other specialist necessary, contact us sooner.Leave your request here

This article will be devoted to cleaning an air conditioner yourself that insures you from caseless money spending now and prevents you from costly repair of your unit in future.

Besides, keeping your conditioner clean is essential to only for its more efficient operation, but also for protecting the air that you breathe from deterioration.

As you may know, dirty filters can even lead to some allergic diseases.  That’s why take care of not only washing your filters with water, but also carry out a full cleaning.

But don’t be scared. HireRush.сom always collects the most active tips and HVAC service providers for you.

Read our instructions below. They contain much useful information, which gives you an opportunity to escape from hot and breathe cool fresh air at home.

How to clean your room air conditioner

  • Unplug your air conditioner

Before beginning any activity, switch off your conditioner. Then make sure you isolated it and no cords are connected to the socket. It seems obvious, but some people forget doing that and start working.

We all certainly know the safety measures, yet don’t always follow them.

  • Remove the panel

Take the conditioner down from the wall. Look at the its back and you will see the plastic panel.

You have to remove it and other components, such as filters. You may probably need a screwdriver.

  • Run the vacuum cleaner

Now you should clean the evaporator and condenser coils, as well as cooling fins with gentle vacuum. After, inspect drain channels. If you find any clogs, clean it with brush.

  • Check filters

Because of rough operation during summertime, plus the age of your conditioner, the filters inside it build up different deposits. So examine them carefully.

If you noticed hacks, huge holes or cogs, professionals recommend you to replace them. New filters will guarantee a better air blowing in your home.

You can clean the filters both with the vacuum first and wash them with water then, if you think the filters could be saved. Use mixture of water and vinegar to get rid from malignant bacteria.

Alternatively, you may buy a special coil cleaner. Before using it and spraying over the coils, clean them from dust and cobweb.

Only doing that, apply the cleaner. The foam is very strong remedy, still you may help it by rubbing away all dirt.

You should leave the filters so that the foam or vinegar water (depending on what method you use) cope with the problem. Give the mixture at least one hour to soak.

In the case of applying coil cleaner, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Clean the fan

While the cleaners do their job, move over to fan motor. Take a cloth, wash it and clean the fan.

  • Let the filters dry

Before having your filters reinstalled, make sure they are completely dry. Put them out of the water. But don’t dry with the cloth if using a mixture. Let vinegar kill all bacteria.

The natural sunshine as well as the outdoor wind are beyond doubt the best idea to drain the filters.

  • Set the filters in

When the filters are completely dry, you can refit them and other components into the conditioner. Put the panel back.

  • Enjoy cooler air

If all steps done thoroughly and correctly, the result must satisfy you. You will feel more cooler and breathable air at once.

If not, the problem may be of another kind. Of course, cleaning is not the last thing you can do, as it doesn’t eliminate all possible reasons of your conditioner’s bad working.

At last, let us say some words about further cleaning. Try to spend time to keep your conditioner clean.

In most cases, the best option for its productiveness is a regular (a one-two per month) cleanings. You may do it more frequently, if have allergic problems or your air conditioner is too old.

Always clean it in spring to prepare it to almost permanent running in summer.

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