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Wallpaper ideas: 12 awesome ways to use it in your home interior

exquisite wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer considered to be the outdated material associated with the old granny houses with kitten plates on the walls or retro movies going back in time to the mid-50s. It was rejuvenated by modern interior designers, who found intricate ways to incorporate contemporary wallpaper patterns and textures into people’s houses and started using it as an unusual trick to spice up boring monochrome painted walls and add boldness to simple interiors that lack color and character.

With the prints available on the market, one may use wallpapers to give the room extra dimension along with the luxurious feel, warm up the space that doesn’t get enough natural light, add visual interest to the room without overwhelming with too busy patterns or extremely bright colors and finally make the space a lot more personal.

Whether you want to use it as a statement accent piece on your walls or cover the entire room with it from top to bottom, you should not be afraid of incorporating different patterns, matching various colors, selecting decorative items to complement the wallpaper and make the room’s design look complete.

So, choose an exciting design and use these wallpaper ideas and tips to carry out your wallpaper makeover.

Wallpaper ideas for your interiors

  1. Use it as an accent. Turn a certain wall or ever a part of it a focal point of the room by hanging the boldly patterned wallpaper on it. Match the color of the wallpaper’s background or the color of its design to the paint used on the rest of the walls or the main color of the room decor.wallpaper in bedroom
  2. Don’t underrate the importance of professional application. It’s not that easy to achieve a smooth bump and wrinkle free finish and match up the patterns when you’re hanging the wallpapers for the first time. Hire a remodeling contractor from HireRush.com and let him do the job for you not to waste your money on expensive wallpaper ruined by your inexperienced hands. Leave your request here
  3. Make your ordinary bedroom stand out with creativity and liveliness by creating a wallpaper frame above your bed and pairing it with a bedspread or pillow cases that match its pattern.wallpaper behind the bed
  4. Don’t use too bright background colors if you want to incorporate wallpaper into the design of a small room. Softer shades with floral, striped and scenic prints make the space appear larger.
  5. Use molding to make your statement wallpaper areas stand out even more and give them a slight vintage/traditional feel.wallpaper framed in molding
  6. If you have a large opened space downstairs, where a bunch of living areas (hallway, kitchen, living room, dining room) isn’t divided by the walls, you may bring their design together by covering the general wall those areas share with the contrasting wallpaper.
  7. The size of the pattern you may opt for depends on the size of the room the wallpaper will be featured in. Interior designers point out, that wallpapers with fine patterns generally make smaller rooms look a little bit more spacious, while rich background shades and large strong patterns look best in larger rooms and opened areas. Thus, the size of the pattern grows with the size of the room.wallpaper with fine pattern in a small room
  8. You don’t have to lay brick or stone imitating tiles to reach the exposed brick finish on your walls if you know how to apply wallpaper with the 3D brick design.
  9. Choose the wallpapers that won’t contradict the overall style of your home. While cute floral patterns and traditional stripes will look ridiculous in contemporary interiors, the latter may totally feature wallpapers with geometric patterns or accent walls adorned with mural wallpaper spotting urban landscapes, abstract patterns with 3-d effect, street art prints or natural sceneries.mural wallpaper london bridge
  10. These days, you may stick wallpaper on the doors, the inside walls of the cabinets and the outside of the dressers. This homeowner made his shelves look more appealing by covering the area behind them with wallpaper. Antique patterns that attract people’s attention work best for this design solution. Go to RealSimple.com to take a look at some of the prettiest wallpaper designs.wallpaper behind the shelves
  11. Removable wallpapers work best for people who like to experiment with different trendy prints and those, who’re looking for a non-permanent design solution for their rental accommodation.
  12. Who said that wallpaper is just for the walls? This interior designer decided to go brave and accentuate the kitchen aisle area with the geometric print that matches the color of the cabinets. It worked out beautifully.wallpaper on ceiling
  13. Playful wallpapers with child-friendly designs will turn the playroom or your child’s bedroom into even more exciting place.

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