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What You Need to Become a Wedding DJ


With the popularity of electronic dance music and the availability of equipment, more people than ever are trying out their skills as DJs. But this doesn’t mean everyone can excel at this craft. Especially if you’re trying to become a professional wedding DJ, there are certain pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started. You certainly don’t want to show up with just a laptop to someone’s special day.

But what exactly do you need to get started in this exciting and fun career? Here, we’re taking a closer look at what you need to become a professional wedding DJ. Beyond simply playing for family and friends, you could turn your musical talents into a lucrative, fun, and dynamic career. It just takes some quality music equipment and a great attitude to be on your way.




When it comes to a couple’s big day, they have a lot of options when it comes to music and entertainment. They could hire a live band, have a friend or family member control the music, or of course, hire a professional wedding DJ. More couples are preferring wedding DJs because they tend to be more cost-effective, bring their own equipment and expertise, and don’t take up too much space in the venue. They can also help serve as the emcee for the evening and keep everyone entertained.




If you’re only used to mixing tracks on your laptop at home, you should be aware that professional wedding DJs require a bit more of an investment to get started. You’ll want high-quality gear to ensure that you have the best sound and to help you avoid any technical issues throughout the evening. The career of a wedding DJ is based, in part, on your reputation. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to get more gigs—so you want to be out there to impress when it’s your chance.


But what exactly do you need to get started? Here’s a look at some essentials for what you need to become a great wedding DJ:


1.            Laptop and DJ controller.


Nowadays in the DJ world, it’s not necessary to lug around those heavy turntables and mixers everywhere you play. With just a laptop and a DJ controller, you can have all the same control and mixing ability with less hassle and an easier setup process. Simply download a DJ software application to your laptop, such as Virtual DJ or Serato DJ Pro, to have all the tools and mixing ability at your fingertips. With your laptop, you’ll also have instant access to a practically endless library of music options.


2.            PA speakers.


As a wedding DJ, you want people to hear you, right? That’s why you’ll need some quality PA speakers for your set. Quality speakers are especially important for weddings since they’re often held in large venues like banquet halls, luxury estates, or even outdoor spaces. To ensure the whole crowd can hear you throughout the evening, invest in some top-notch speakers. Generally, most wedding DJ start with two to four speakers or subwoofers that can get the job done. Subwoofers also help because this means you won’t need amplifiers.


3.            Wireless microphones.


Many couples prefer wedding DJs over other music options because they can serve a versatile role. In addition to spinning everyone’s favorite songs, wedding DJs can serve as an emcee for the event, guiding people between parts of the wedding, making announcements, and simply ensuring everyone is having a great time. This is where your personality can shine through, which means you’ll need a quality microphone so that everyone can hear you. Also, go for the wireless option here so you don’t have to worry about one more cord to trip over.


4.            Lighting.


While not always a necessity for a wedding DJ, having some lighting options can help you make the show even more memorable and engaging. Strobe lights, lasers, and a range of colors are some options for enhancing your light show and drawing in a crowd to the dance floor. Effective lighting on your own setup can also prove helpful when you’re playing music throughout the evening.


5.            A great attitude.


Okay, this one may not count as a piece of equipment, but it’s certainly something you’ll need to be a successful wedding DJ. No matter what the evening throws at you, it’s important to remain in good spirits and keep a positive attitude. A wedding day, especially for the bride and groom, can quickly become hectic or even overwhelming. As a wedding DJ, you’re not only there to spin some tunes, but also to help them make the evening as enjoyable as possible. You don’t want to add to their stress, but rather, do what you can to keep the guests entertained and the building filled with smiling faces and dancing heels.



Wedding DJs are one of the most popular entertainment options for taking a wedding to the next level. Not only do they provide a fun and romantic mix of music that lasts throughout the entire event, but they can also help the wedding by serving as an emcee, making announcements, and aiding with transitions during the evening. If you want a versatile, dynamic, and fun spark of energy for your big day, a wedding DJ is the way to go.


But how does one become a professional wedding DJ? Of course, this all starts with having the right equipment and then booking gigs. As a DJ, you can’t show up to your first wedding empty handed. To become a wedding DJ, you’ll need the basics: PA speakers, a laptop, DJ controller, and a quality wireless microphone. Lighting is another nice touch to really transform your DJing experience. When you begin booking events, don’t forget the last (and arguably most important) thing you’ll need: a positive and fun attitude. Guests rely on a wedding DJ to keep the evening fun, exciting, and entertaining. If that sounds like you, you may be well on your way to becoming a professional wedding DJ.



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