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Everyday tips for winter skin care


Winter is already on the porch even though the calendar still says it’s autumn. And while the freezing wind is approaching and frost starts creating its marvelous ornaments on the glass, you need to think about your health and beauty. Skin is the organ that covers our whole body and as a result requires our most attention when harsh weather conditions influence it. Below you can read about everyday winter skin care tips that are easy to follow and will undoubtedly help you feel better.

winter skin care creme

1. Cover up

As already mentioned above, skin is the biggest organ in your body, so you need to protect it while it protects your inner organs. Try to cover as much of the skin surface as possible when winter comes. Winter skin care starts from protection of the head with hats, scarfs, gloves, and clothes that will minimize harmful influence of cold air and harsh wind.

girl in winter

2. Winter skin care for head

During the winter, many people tend to wash their hair on a daily basis. If you are one of them, then you need to stop doing it immediately! When washing your hair daily, you wash out the protective skin layer on your head with the shampoo and as a result lose that winter shield that protects your head. Furthermore, natural oils that keep the skull moisturized in winter are also easily washed off with the shampoo foam, so you lose another protection and winter skin care element again. Keep in mind the old advice from skin care specialists: The more you wash your hair, the sooner you’ll have to do it again; so you need to do it once in two-three days to remain healthy and yet feel good and beautiful.

3. Change your winter skin care routine

Winter times require more moisture as a part of winter skin care because when the air is cold, natural and additional moisture evaporates much faster. In order to keep your face and hands safe during the winter, use thicker moisturizer than you normally do for the summer period. Don’t be afraid if at first the skin would react weirdly to the new cream. Wait for 3-4 days until it gets used to it. If the reaction remains unusual, consult a skin care specialist.

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4. Use sunscreen

You read it right, sunscreen in winter is also a great way to protect your skin from unpleasant weather conditions. Of course, you don’t need to use sunscreen all over your body, but protection of your face and hands is a must. It is advised to apply sunscreen half an hour before you leave home, so that it doesn’t stick to your clothes and soak perfectly into your skin.

5. Use hand lotion

Apart from sunscreen, special moisturizer for your hands will also come in handy. Apply hand lotion over your hands before you go to sleep and every time you leave home. In this way you will protect your hands from cold air and at the same time let it regenerate over the night. Skin care experts also advise applying special lotion on your hands as a part of your winter skin care program; this should be done every time you wash them during the cold season.

hands lotion

6. No chapped lips

You know that skin on your lips requires additional moisturizing even during the summer period, so this routine should also be included into your winter skin care plan. You need to use special moisturizing lip balm throughout the day to ensure that your lips don’t get chapped and remain soft all the time. You can also consult your cosmetologist or skin care specialist to find special moisturizing balm for the night to improve skin regeneration.

7. Stay warm, not hot

A lot of people believe that it’s better to dress warmer than colder. While the general idea is true, overpacking yourself into clothes and spending the day wiping out sweat is no good for you. Overdressing leads to higher sweating process in the body, which means that you will lose so much required water. If you dress warmer than you need, all your winter skin care routine can be thrown out of the window. Remain warm during the winter times, but never reach the hot grade on your scale!

girl warm winter

8. Stay hydrated

This rule is not just for winter skin care, but for your lifestyle in general. Staying hydrated helps our body to function properly. Remember that drinking hot coffee or sipping warm green tea won’t restore your body’s water balance, only winter can do that miracle. Try to keep up with 1,5-2 liters of pure water daily to remain healthy and feel good. Properly hydrated skin always looks and feels healthier! And if you combine good hydration with proper moisturizing routine, such winter skin care will vividly show you the results in no time!

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