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Questions and Answers

Q: What do garage door repair services include?

A: Garage door repair experts can fix any garage door regardless of its type, construction, and material. These professionals deal with minor fixes like broken springs or torn cables as well as major mechanical breakages and electrical problems. Garage door repair services can be offered as a separate service by an individual or a company. However, you can also get garage door repairs from your installer as a part of a warranty agreement.

Q: How do garage door repair companies charge?

A: The price you can find for the garage door repairs is stated for the labor only. The cost of materials or spare parts is usually added as an additional price. So the charges you can see on repairmen price lists are not equal to the final sum you will have on your bill.

Q: What is the average cost of the garage door repair services?

A: Most homeowners spend between $150 and $335 for garage door repair services, but this is the cost of labor only. You can read our garage door repair cost guide to see the charges for spare parts and new mechanisms as well as to calculate the tentative cost of your garage door repair project.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the garage door repair services?

A: Every broken garage door may have its particular features that will increase the final cost. For example, you have an old system or your door material is no longer produced. However, there are universal cost-influencing factors described below.

  • Door material. Wooden garage door repairs are the most expensive ones because wood is a natural material. Insulated steel costs the least among all the garage door materials so its repairs will also be the cheapest. Aluminum door repairs are close in their cost to the wood, while fiberglass garage units are only a little more expensive than insulated steel.
  • Springs type. Torsion springs are harder to fix and their initial cost is higher than the price for extension springs. The latter are more common in garage door mechanisms and so are easier to find in a store and replace.
  • Safety sensors. If you have complex electronic sensors in your garage, then fixing a problem with electronics will require a certified specialist whose services cost more than those of an average handyman or a garage door expert. For this reason, it’s better to replace and fix such mechanisms on a warranty.
  • Cables. The cables on their own cost very little but their replacement and repair require a lot of skills. So the cost of garage door repairs is heavily influenced by the skillfulness of an expert.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam garage door repair company?

A: There are three most common signs of garage door repair scams:

  • No-name companies without documents. All business entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, create a catchy name, a logo, and a motto and then promote these company signs anywhere they can. If you find a garage door repair company whose name is hard to identify and you can’t see a logo anywhere, then this sounds like a scam. Moreover, if they also refuse to show you their license number or avoid topics about their certification, then such unreliable companies shouldn’t be on your list.
  • Unnatural prices. Extremely high prices signify that the service is overpriced and in no way it is a guarantee of a quality service. Extremely low prices are usually set by the companies that want to get at least some payment for a service they manage to offer, which is also not that reliable and professional. Try to stick to the offers within the price range stated above to get a fair service for a fair price.
  • Lifetime guarantee or no guarantee at all. There is no such thing as lifetime guarantees in the garage door repair business. Springs tend to break, doors tend to rot and rust, so it’s impossible to say that the performed service will last forever. Another alert for you is when a repair expert says that there is no warranty for the performed service. Both poles of the guarantee offer are bad: the former is impossible while the latter is unreliable. Most reputable garage door repair companies give up to two-year warranty agreements.