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Questions and Answers

Q: What do table and chair rental services include?

A: Table and chair rental services provide furniture rentals for events of all sizes. Whether you need extra business chairs for a meeting with some dear and important guests, you lack chairs for your wedding reception, or maybe you just need a couple of tables for the kid’s birthday — all these needs can be satisfied by the table and chair rentals.

Besides renting the “bare” tables and chairs, most often these services can also decorate the tables to match your party or event theme and also supply you with additional matching linens for the event. The beneficial side of this business is that you literally can rent one table or chair or make a big order for 50-100 items; both of the demands can be fulfilled.

Table and chair rentals have a wide variety of chairs and tables of all styles, sizes, shapes, and comfort levels to ensure that your event is organized at the highest level. You can find different companies in terms of delivery offers; be ready that some services work on the self-pick-up basis only.

Q: How do table and chair rental companies charge?

A: All table and chair rentals offer their products on the per-product basis only. You pay for every table or chair you need. Sometimes, you may expect some discounts if you’re renting chairs in sets with tables. In case you need more chairs or a table of the same style than a company has in the storage, you might face higher prices for extra research on the company’s side.

Q: What is the average cost of the table and chair rental services?

A: The average cost of a chair rental is $3-$7.5 per chair while tables cost a little higher: $8-$13 per item. The top range prices for chairs is $45, and $125 for tables. You can find more information about the rental prices in our party rentals cost guide and kids party rentals cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the table and chair rental services?

A: The cost of the table and chair rentals is mostly influenced by the number of companies offering such a service in your city. The bigger the competition, the lower will be the average prices.

  • The number of items rented. The more tables and chairs you rent, the higher is the total price. Be ready that some companies may offer discounts for large orders while others will on the contrary charge extra if they don’t have enough tables or chairs of a particular kind.
  • Specificity of the rented items. Plastic chairs for a kid’s party will have a lower price than some carved-wood chairs for a themed party.
  • Seasonal rentals. Holiday rentals may cost more because this is a peak season for table and chair rentals. Due to this fact, keep in mind to book your order in advance because you might not find the required items close to Christmas, for instance.
  • The time of booking. If you need 100 tables of the same style and size two days before the event, you might not find them at all. The earlier you book the rentals, the easier it will be for the chosen company to collect and prepare your order. Urgent bookings may be subject to additional fees.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam table and chair rental company?

A: The worst that may happen with an unreliable company is that you lose your deposit and don’t get the rental on time. However, there are a few facts that will help you avoid overpaying for the rentals and similar cases in reality.

  • Reservation and rental deal. When you book particular items for rent, you’re leaving a deposit. And before you leave the deposit, ensure that you receive some kind of document which states the fact that you’ve handed over the deposit as well as the procedure to follow in case a company fails to provide the required supplies.
  • Insurance. Some basic insurance coverage for all items must always be presented to you because you shouldn’t be responsible for every scratch on every chair or table.
  • Later returns. Every rental service has a particular return policy. Try to look for a company that offers the biggest time allowance after your event ends.