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I am a passionate & licensed Esthetician (2009) with a desire to compliment & enhance beauty. I am not just trained but certified in Professional Eyelash Extensions!

I use Synthetic Premium Mink Lashes (mascara look) to create your desired look:
~PRETTY LASHES: 55! (reg 150)
1wk fill 25
2wk fill 35
3wk or more 55

~GLAM LASHES : 75! (reg 175)
1wk fill 35
2wk fill 55
3wk or more 75

~DIVA LASHES: 95! (reg 200)
1wk fill 45
2wk fill 65
3wk or more 95

It shouldn't take an "occasion" for deserved beauty enhancement. My extensions are the perfect pick me up!

Get treated like royalty! Never routine.
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Have a beautiful day!