Open 24/7. $85 Box Braids, Kinkys, Senegalese and more

  • Fashion Design $80.00

Open 24/7. Now accepting same day or next day appointments. Call for specials.
I'm available 24/7 to accommodate any schedule.
I am a professional braider with over 15 years of experience in perfecting my techniques. I provide salon quality work at discounted prices. I create beautiful hairstyles that im sure that you will love.

Box Braids or Senegalese Twist
(Large size)-$70
(Medium size/length)- $85
(Lower back length)-$100
(Small size)-$120
(Waist length)-$120
Havana Twist-$85
Nubian Twist-$85
Kinky Twist-$85
Freestyles (Medium size micros)-$85
Faux Locks-$140

Feel free to call me for any questions or to schedule an appointment.