Motorycle Mechanic for your Service Needs - Free tips and advice

  • Motorcycle Repair

10 years experience as a motorcycles mechanic.
Restoration to high performance vehicles.

I work on all types of vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles. I do assembly, diagnostics, maintenance and repair on engines, transmissions, drive systems, steering assemblies, braking systems, chassis and suspension, electrical systems, fuel and exhaust systems. I also specialize in repairing, rebuilding, customizing or servicing these systems or assemblies.

I service all types of motorcycles such as: Suzuki,Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, scooters and dirt bikes and quads as well as all types of cruiser bikes/Harleys.

If it has an engine I can work on it.
"Mobile Mechanic"
*If it's $Reasonable$ I will drive out to you.*

Oil change/tune up/brake change/chain adjustment/carburetor rebuilds/aftermarket installments.

******If you're looking to sell your motorcycle I have cash in hand.******

*Will pay cash for your wrecked bike*
*Will pay cash for your wrecked bike*
*Will pay cash for your wrecked bike*
*Will pay cash for your wrecked bike*

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your motorcycle, quad or scooter, I can help you with free tips and advice for your needs.

I can install your aftermarket parts from brake systems to neon or special designs on your bike.