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  • Pet Sitting & Walking

Alpha Dog Walking promises to treat all pets like a part of our own pack to give our clients the best possible animal care available. As part of our pack, we'll work to bring out the alpha in your pets. Our focus is your pet's mental, physical, social and emotional health. That means much much more than just walks and treats to us. With daily updates, playtime, grooming and individualized care, our services make sure that all of our members are at their best.

Whether you're going away, staying out late, or a workaholic who can't leave the desk, rest assured our Alpha staff will meet and exceed both the owner's and pet's needs. Whether it be last-minute walks or unusual schedules, we have you covered.

Your pet can have fun and be safe. Our focus on safety and security. Hiring professional licensed, insured and bonded pet sitters means that not only your pets, but also your keys, personal property, neighbors and home are secure and insured.

Do you have fish that need to be fed or reptiles and amphibians that need a cleaning? Our head aquatics expert can help you. From routine cleanings to a new aquarium setup, we have you covered. Do you have a reptile or amphibian that needs specific handling or treatment? We have you covered. Is your kitty sick? Is Fido getting old? Our meet and greets ensure that your pets are matched with the perfect Alpha member for your pet's individual needs and personality.