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Have you been arrested for drug possession or possession with intent to sell? Did you get a DUI driving home at night? Were you accused of domestic violence? Did you forget you had a weapon in your pocket or in your car?

Let the criminal defense attorneys of Hoglin & Fuqua, LLP protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

At Hoglin & Fuqua, LLP our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling all types of criminal cases at the misdemeanor and felony level. Don't let the law get you down. Fight back with one of our lawyers.

At Hoglin & Fuqua, LLP, you will receive a free consultation (1 hour max) with an attorney about your case. If you choose to retain the firm you will be able to communicate with your attorney with ease and receive timely responses to your questions. Additionally, we strive to provide affordable representation for our clients.

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