AUTOMOTIVE WATER LEAKS + interior floorboard pad replacement

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Do you go out to your car every morning, only to find its full of condensation AGAIN? Do you get in and there is standing water on the floorboards AGAIN? Tired of that musty smell? Well it's time to fix that! You have a water leak and you need to fix that to prevent further damage.

We live in a state where it RAINS PEOPLE. I specialize in water leaks and water leak restoration and have done so for 20 yrs. Don't put it off any longer, lets get it fixed today. That musty smell you smell is actually mold growing inside your vehicle. Mold spores are actively growing and will continue to grow until you correct the problem. MOLD WILL GET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SICK!!!

Call me today and lets fix that leak once and for all. Call ME TODAY!
I also offer interior floorboard pad replacement.