Caricature artist/ digital illustrator/ face painter!($30/hr) SPECIAL!

  • Party Entertainment $30.00

Hope you're enjoying your wonderful day so far. My name is Kelsey McSweeney and I am an experienced and versatile artist who has helped many clients in the past in regards to major holiday art commissionworks request! As a graduate from Cal State Fullerton majoring in digital illustration (with an emphasis on animation and character designing), I know you can depend on my versatility, knowledge, and experience to accomplish any art commission project effectively and with quality!

From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July, and birthdays, I have dealt with assisting doing caricaturing, digital illustrating, canvas painting, face painting, comic works, character designing, cartooning, business window paintings, logo creations, and countless other requests.

Starting Rate (Payments must be made at the end of every appointment/event):
$20 for 30 minutes
$25 for 45 minutes
$30 for 60 minutes, etc.

I am available to travel to these cities (FREE OF GAS CHARGE!): Anaheim and Fullerton

All products (cost of materials not included with rates. Cost is proportioned as to how many people will be attending the event) comply with the FDA cosmetic restrictions
- hypoallergenic/ skin friendly,
- non toxic
-washable/easy to remove
****Cost of materials not included in the cost. It is usually weighted depending on the size of the party event. Small parties tend be $15 while regular sized parties are $25 and large sized parties are $35 extra.

Thank you so much for browsing through my online resume and I shall look forward to hear from you!!