• Personal Trainers $500.00

My name is Rob and I specialize in Full or 1/2 day Fitness/Wellness packages. I am a Personal Trainer, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Expert in Stretching, Nutritionist, and Personal Chef.

That would cover 1/2 day.
For a full day we would continue to the spa for some rehab and then off to Whole Foods Market, to shop for dinner and learn healthy shopping tips. Then maybe we go for a run, bike ride, or swim. Or I train your kid/s in a particular sport or just get them some exercise. Then I cook a healthy dinner or we go out for a healthy dinner
There are so many different options and ways to use my services. I've worked with individuals, couples, families, and bachelorette parties. I have all of the references you need!

1/2 day Fee- $500
Full Day Fee-$1000