• Veterinary Services

Gotham Veterinary Center is fully equipped to provide comprehensive animal care in its new, modern and fully-staffed facilities.
If you have questions about our range of services, please call us!

Our services
- blood analysis for emergencies
- comprehensive testing through offsite diagnostic laboratory
- most results available same or next day
- topWellness Visits
- comprehensive history and physical exam
- screening laboratory testing, as needed
- vaccinations and vaccine titers
- nutritional counseling
- senior wellness exams for early detection of disease
- domestic and international travel certificates
- microchip pet identification
- topAcute + Chronic Medical Care
- cardiac/respiratory diseases
- gastroenterology
- endocrine disease (diabetes, thyroid and adrenal diseases)
- renal and lower urinary tract diseases
and more!

24-hour emergency veterinary hospitals: Animal Medical Center and BluePearl Veterinary Partners (formerly NYC Veterinary Specialists)