• Pet Daycare & Boarding

I find that I take care of a lot of my friends' pets when they leave town from Chihuahuas to Great Danes so I might as well make some extra money and meet some more amazing pets at the same time! I love animals and have six years of past experience at a vet clinic with one of the city's top veterinarians who also was the vet at our own local zoo.

My child loves animals. My dog loves every animal and every animal gets along with him as well (so far), from rats to cats to dogs of all sizes. If you don't want your pet boarded in a kennel, I have a different option, right in my own home! I am a stay at home mom and work from home which gives me the option of walking dogs (cats can lounge around), taking them to the dog park, hanging out with them pretty much all day so they're not in a cage but lying on the couch or pet beds on the floor. If you need a place to board your beloved pet, I might just be a great option!

My name is Ann and I live in the Midtown area and have a big back yard.