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GGG Ranch Horse Motel & Livestock Layovers
FREE POWER & WATER Trailer hook up, with HORSE or LIVESTOCK stabling overnight!
Night lights for late arrivals 65 ACRE RANCH, ARENA, WASH RACK , RESTROOM
75' long BIG RIGS truck and trailer - EASY turn around 20 acre cleared parking area
OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY - We always have a pen for you day or night!

12 - HUGE HORSE PADDOCKS 80' x 50' with 12' X 12' stall
Livestock pens also available , 2 LARGE SHEEP OR GOAT PENS - Whole pen $25.00 night
Sheep Pens - 4' high sturdy fencing 30' X 16' ,or 20' SHEEP PENS
Short term Horse boarding offered too, PUPPIES welcome to come and play also!!
Emergency horse hauling available in local Nevada area

Safe, double gated ranch entrance, baserock drive, not muddy,
Triple G Ranch GGG RANCH NORTH RENO GGG RANCH off I-80 ( INTERSTATE 80 ) Sparks / Reno Nevada Boarders RESTROOM too, and its NOT a porta potty!

24 HOUR HORSE & LIVESTOCK, SHEEP, GOAT PENS - Over the boarder horses please provide clean health and coggins certificate.

STALLIONS WELCOME TOO, stallion pens available!
12' x 12' Isolated stalls available too - please call in advance for these

Shavings Available - $10 bag & HAY AVAILABLE
Fresh Orchard Alfalfa
$2.00 per 12lb flake / Grass hay seasonally available for overnight per flake only sold