HVAC TECH furnaces, boilers, a/c, water heaters, mini-splits

  • HVAC Repair

My name is Dustin. I have been doing heating and cooling for 12 years.
If it is service that your unit needs because it does not work I service any make and model furnace, boiler, and heat pump. If it is an installation that you would like, I give free estimates. I don't do any mark up on material. All material and units are sold wholesale. I charge labor only. Every one of my customers normally get the 96% efficient furnace being that they are running a sale on them right now.

There are furnaces that qualify for the tax credit with the ECM motor they qualify for $150 refund and there is also an enhanced refund at is based off of your annual income.

I also install water heaters tankless high efficiency water heaters. I also do duct work jobs none too small or too big. I do absolutely no markup and I assure my customers with that when they come to the store and purchase all the material with me. I could add convenience and pick up all the material and use my own money but that will be something that we talked about if that is needed.

Feel free to contact me anytime!