MUSIC LESSONS 25% OFF through February

  • Music Lessons $50.00

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Sax, Harmonica, Songwriting, Theory Lessons...
25% off through February!

Hi There,
My name is Gwen Holt and I have the best job in the world -- teaching music! I give private lessons to everyone from beginners to pros! All ages and styles. Piano, voice, guitar, bass, sax, or harmonica as well as songwriting and music theory.

I've been a full-time, professional music teacher for 15 years and am a performing singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist as well. I'm a scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston.

I have a studio here in East Nashville where lessons are normally $27 for 30 minutes or $50 for an hour. However, lessons are 25% off through February. So that's only $20.25 for a half hour or $37.50/hour. Unlike most places, there's no contract or monthly obligation.

You may pay lesson by lesson and you can take as many or as few lessons as you want when you want -- including Saturday afternoons and weekdays from 11am - 9pm!