Natures Way Dog Training LLC Specialize in Behavioral/ Training Camp

  • Dog Training $420.00

Natures Way Dog Training LLC
Leader of the pack

Dog Psychology Training for you and your dog.
Learn Rules, Boundaries. Limitations
With Exercise, Discipline, Affection.

Can help resolve dog problems.
Learn to be the pack leader not the follower.
Unhappy with your dogs behavior...

*Excessive Barking, *Chewing Problems, *Problem Digging
* Biting/Mouthing, *Separation Anxiety ,*Jumping Up On People
* Food Aggression ,*Dog To Dog Aggression ,*Submissive Urination
*Whining/Crying, *Stop Running Away
*Dog/Animal Aggression, * Guards Food,Toy or any item with aggression.
*Crate train, potty training. You name it. We can most likely solve the problem.

Work with Puppies - adults. Any breed.
30 years of experience working with dogs. Living in a pack.

With Psychology Training The Natural Way they learn
I use my Balanced dogs to help show the dog in training what is correct behavior.
The dogs learn very fast with this method.

It's not just training the dog, It's also helping you.
Crucial part of rehabilitating your dog and overcoming dog problems is also
helping you with your dog.

Specialize in :
Puppy Training camp.
Learn no bite , walk on leach , potty training , no jumping, sit , come.
How to greet people/ other pet. ect.

Training Camp / Rehabilitate your dogs behavior
Training Camp / Basic Obedience - Advanced

Fun Camp/ Boarding (While your on Vacation or Anytime )
Have a nice place to sleep. After running and play on fenced acreage every day.
Learn more manners if needed.
Play in the pool ( Weather permitting ) It's about having fun...

2 Weeks Training $840.00 ($420.00 a week )
3 week Training Special $1099.00 ( $366.00 a week )
Each additional Training week is $366.00

Will give 20 % Discount on training your second dog .
Taking reservations with a deposit ( $100.00 ) per dog .
Pay 1/2 down when you drop off your dog . Balance due when you pick them up.
Limited openings.

This includes:
Boarding ( You supply the food )
Evaluation with you and your dog.
You will write up a list of problems your having with the dog.
I will work on those problems.
Plus other training that needs to be addressed during his/her stay.
The dog will have lots of play time and exercise and a few lessons with me daily.
You're welcome to visit during his/her stay.
( But sometimes this can set your dog back )
When you pick up your dog. We will go over what the dog has learned .
What you need to do to keep your dog balanced. I will help you.
Depending on the problems the dog might need more then 14 days.

Your dog may have one or more of my dogs for a friend during his/her stay to learn from.
I use my Balanced dogs to help show the dog in training what is correct behavior.
The dog learns very fast with this method.

We can set up a time and get started.
I require all dogs to be current on their Distemper/Parvo 6-way & Rabies, Bordetella vaccinations

Give me a call!
I am also Volunteer for the Sheriffs Dept. Mounted Patrol.
I have a complete Federal background check done.
Natures Way is a License and Insured Company. LLC

Guarantee results.
Remember if you revert to your old ways, so will your dog.