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Spring and Summer are right around the corner. Don't wait a month before short sleeves and shorts weather hit us... Start now!!! Do you want to get healthier, need to start working out, get back into shape or just need to change up your routine all together? Are you embarrassed of working out in a gym with people all around you, do you not like people watching you while you workout? If yes to any of these questions, let me show you how and keep you motivated and accountable in my private studio.

Let me create a Fitness and Nutrition Program custom made for you to reach your goals. I'll use my 17 years of experience in Fitness Training and Nutrition Counseling to maximize your results in minimal time.

My expertise include:
*One on One Training *Partner Training *Weight loss *Muscle gain *Resistance Training *Endurance Training *CrossFit Training *Sport Specific Training *Nutrition Programs *Fitness Plateaus

Free hour Consultation to Start...
Consultation includes; goal assessment, nutritional review, body fat analysis, measurements, physical limitations if applicable, overview of your individualized exercise and nutrition program and go over the prices of the training sessions. I will show you before & after pictures of my clients. Up to 20% body fat loss in many clients and up to 18lbs of lean body mass/muscle gain in others...

My Qualifications Are:
National Academy of Sports Medicine - Personal Trainer Certification - 1997-2017
American Council on Exercise - Personal Trainer Certification -1997-2017
Aerobics & Fitness Association Of America - Personal Trainer Certification and Group Exercise Instructor Certification - 1994-2017
APEX - Nutrition Certification - 1997-2017
12 years as a Certified Personal Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness
4 years Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer for Colorado Springs Fire Dept. CSFD
19 years as a Group Exercise Instructor for 24 Hour Fitness & still presently teaching at all three locations.

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Kathy Pryor