• Pet Grooming $40.00

Fluffy Puppy Grooming LLC is an insured and licensed (in Gilbert) dog and cat grooming salon. We are A HOME BASED BUSINESS located near the cross streets of Guadalupe & McQueen in Gilbert.

Please call us!

Evening, weekend, as well as Monday through Friday appointments available.

Your dog has our undivided attention: no other dogs are in the shop. Your dog or cat never sits in a cage waiting to be groomed. We style the dog the way YOU WANT. We clean ears, trim the sanitary areas, cut nails, and trim the fur in the pads of the feet.

Prices are based on the dogs' weight: 0-19=$40, 20-39=$45, 40-59=$55, 60-79=$65. Cats are $55 with a bath. All prices are based on the dog or cat being in normal/average condition with minimal matting.

Hours are -7:00am to 7:00pm (Monday - Friday)
8:00am to 4pm (Saturday)
10:00am to 3pm (Sunday)