Private Party & Event Planning Service (Be The Guest on Your Own Event)

  • Event Planning $40.00

Private party and special events planning service serving the entire Bay Area. Rates are $40 an hour plus gratuity and mileage with a 4 hour minimum requirement (party set up and clean up included).

We leave gratuity to the discretion of our clients based on our performance. The services I offer are comprehensive; I provide a wide range of services, from helping you plan and organize your party to assisting you with your party supply list, and customizing your cocktail menu. We set up the bar, make drinks for your guests and clean up the dirty glasses and plates during and after the party and ensure all trash is taken out before we leave!

Having bartenders/servers who are organized, professional and understands the real meaning of service will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your party. Basically, you become a guest at your own event, that's the way it should be! My staff is ServSafe certified, prompt, professional, and customer service focused!

Contact Lisa Anderson to book your bartender and/or server today, we look forward to making your event a smashing success!