Motorcycle repair services by certified technician

  • Motorcycle Repair

I'm a certified motorcycle repair technician and I have been working on motorcycles over 10 years.
I'm located in the Tower Rd and Hampden area in Aurora and do repairs and performance installations on sportbikes, cruisers and dirtbikes. I charge competitive low prices, quick turnaround and great customer service.

I do:
Tune-ups (oils changes, replace spark plugs, air filters)
Tire changes and wheel balancing
Drivetrian service (sprockets front and rear, chain, clutch installs-mechanical/hydraulic)
Suspension (adjust rear shocks, replace fork seals)
Engine work (top end, remove or install)
Attach aftermarket body panels ( fit and reinforce)
Electrical (diagnose and repair)
Ignition and fuel system repair (carbs and fuel injectors, replace ignition wires, spark plugs)
Brakes (replace pads, replace brake lines, bleed system)
Pick up service available