• Car Wash $20.00

Aloha, Shaka Detailing is a Locally owned and operated Auto Detailing here on Maui. Myself and my ohana has many years of experience, started from Enterprise Holdings (Rental Car), To Joe's Auto & Upholstery, To American Dream Detailing, We take pride in our duties of providing the most excellent & friendly service on one of your prized possessions..."your vehicle".

We do it professionally with Aloha. We also provide Mobile Services, "we come to you" . And Shaka Detailing is the Cheapest on Maui, we guarantee a smile on your face when your car has been SHAKAFIED!

Here is a brief look on what types of services we provide..

WASH & GO = Starting at $20
Hand Wash
Tires and wheels Cleaned/Degreased and shined

SHINE UM = Starting at $30
Wash & Go Package
Light interior vacuum
windows cleaned
all exterior Plastics shined

SHINE & WAX UM = Starting at $50
Shine um package
door jambs cleaned
removal of some waterspots on body and Windows
wax is applied

MINI SHAKA = Starting at $100
Shine & wax um package
Heavy vacuum entire vehicle
Upholstery cleaning and or leather conditioning
Complete interior cleaning (no interior shine)

SHAKA BU = Starting at $200
Mini Shaka package
Interior Floor / Seats are Shampooed
All vents cleaned
All interior are Shined

ALOHA = Starting at $300
Shaka bu package
Buffing of vehicle is applied
Headlights are restored
Engine Cleaned/ Degreased / Shined
All water spots on Windows and body removed

We also provide Specialty Detailing Request that starts at $20 pending on job
Prices does change depending on the size of the vehicle and condition that it's in.
Questions? Concerns? To make an Appointment - call us for more info.