Sublime Canine.... Professional Dog Training & Behavior Modification

  • Dog Training

Tucson's premier Dog Training and Behavior Modification specialists offers everything from puppy foundation and socialization classes to world championship competitive dog training and coaching.

Group Obedience/ Socialization:
Our group classes are on-going and offer off leash training and socialization. Jump in at any time and use all 3 of our fabulous locations!

Specialty Classes:
Therapy Dog
Schutzhund/ IPO
And many more. . .

Private Lessons:
Work with Sublime Canine privately at your home or one of our three locations.

Rattlesnake and Colorado River Toad Avoidance:
Our snake and toad avoidance training teaches your dog to identify rattlesnakes/ toads by sight, sound and smell so they will successfully avoid them in the future. We offer free recheck to ensure that our training was successful.

Training Camp:
Dogs in Training Camp live at our home, receive the owners desired training plus socialization and is returned fully trained along with follow up sessions to ensure success.