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Dear Parent,
I'm Nataliya. I've been a private tutor helping students who are struggling as well as those looking for an extra edge for 13 years. I love working with adolescents and high school students. I offer a custom approach to tutoring. Whether your child just needs help understanding the material and test-taking strategies, or whether he/she needs assistance with managing time and getting his/her schoolwork organized - I would love to create a custom solution to address your specific wants for your child.

Education Williams College
Standardized Tests SAT Math SAT Evidence-Based Reading
SAT Writing and Language
SAT Essay
ACT Math
ACT English
ACT Reading
ACT Science
ACT Essay SAT Subject Test: Math I
SAT Subject Test: Math II
SAT Subject Test: Spanish
SAT Subject Test: Literature

Organization Time Management
Study Skills

Coursework High School Math:
Algebra 2 / Trigonometry
Essay Writing