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15 amazing 4th of July crafts


The excitement of approaching Independence celebration holiday has reached its peak. Everyone can already smell the great 4th of July fun we’re about to dive into.

But, if you’re willing to involve your kids into the festivities and boost their holiday and patriotic mood, you can carry out a couple of fun and easy 4th of July activities with them.

Here’re a few options of holiday-themed crafts you can do with your little ones.

Fourth of July crafts to do with your kids

    1. The simples and quite entertaining (and a little bit messy) to make fireworks craft for kids.
      You’ll need to cut the carton base of the toilet roll into small strips (the thinner – the better) and pour a little bit of red and blue paint into two separate paper plates.
      Give your kid a couple of sheets of plain white paper and the ‘tool’ you’ve just made.
      Let him/her dip the roll into the paint and press it onto the paper to create awesome fireworks.
      Decorate the finished art with colorful glitter if you want to achieve sparkling effect and you’re done!
    2. Replace toilet paper roll ‘tool’ with star-shaped sponges of different sizes on wooden sticks.
      Then, you’ll engage your kids in holiday themed art for a little bit longer.
      And, you’ll end up with another set of cute Independence Day artworks.
  1. Patriotic wreath – amazing DIY 4th of July decoration and craft for kids.
    There’re numerous options, but you’ll need to find a circle base for each of them. An embroidery hoop or a couple of carton hoops glued together will do the job.
    You may turn them into real red, blue and white festive wreaths by painting wooden clothespins into the U.S. flag colors and pinning them onto the base to imitate red and white stripes and blue corner
    Decorate blue pins with paper stars or star stickers. And here’s your wreath flag!
    You may achieve a similar look by tying red, blue and white tulle stripes onto the base.
  2. Patriotic lanterns/firecrackers. Again, doubles as the patriotic craft and Independence Day party decoration.
    You’ll need to glue opposite sides of a standard white paper sheet together to create a cylindrical base.
    Then, you may decorate it with star, flag, crown and other stickers or with your own DIY colorful paper decorations.
    Finish the craft by gluing holiday themed strips to the lantern’s bottom.
    Don’t forget to attach a plain white string to its top to hang it on your patio or somewhere else.
  3. Independence Day straw crown. Grab wide red tape and cut a piece that’s a little bit longer than your child’s head measurements.
    Lay it onto the table with the sticky side facing up. Distribute 10-20 red and white/blue and white straws on it. Equal intervals are appreciated, but not crucial at all, as you may create your own design.
    Cut another piece of duct tape of the same length. Cover your straw-tape creation with it.
    Insert curled chenille stems, cocktail star decorations or mini flags into the straws and you’re done!
  4. Bandana flag.
    You’ll need to lay your white base bandana (the one with black designs will look great) onto the table and use glue or thin double side sticky tape to attach 3-4 red ribbons and a square piece of blue bandana to it.
    If you don’t want to waste another bandana to make a blue corner, you may use a couple of short blue ribbons placed really close to each other to reach the same look.
  5. If you attach that bandana flag to a plain place mat, you’ll end up with amazing 4th of July table decor piece.
    Double-sided sticky tape and your child’s help is all you need to do that.
  6. Babies and really young toddlers may be involved as well. This flag art is just for them.
    You’ll need to dip your kid’s hand into red (and then blue) paint and create red fingerprint stripes and blue star corner on a white paper sheet.
    Easy and fun flag art, isn’t it?
  7. Another option is to take blue, red and white paper, place your child’s hand on one sheet to trace it with a pencil, cut out the hand shapes and glue them together to create this cute 4th of July hand wreath decoration. This craft will help a daycare teacher include all children into one activity.
    Star shapes
    will look great as well.
  8. Independence Day cup/bottle decorating. If you want your plain paper cups look a little bit more special, let your kids paint red, blue and white strips and white stars on them.
    Used clear bottles or mason jars may be painted white and dressed up with themed stripes, stars, cocktail decorations, mini flags and firework decorations, etc.
  9. 4th of July tin can vase. You may transform an old can into a great-looking party table decoration by covering it with red&white striped paper, blue and white star ribbons.
    Cut two strips of red carton and fold them to end up with two little paper accordions.
    Glue those two together, add a 3d star sticker to the middle.
    Use a square piece of double-side sticky tape to attach this medallion decoration to the can vase.
  10. Use 3-4 longer and wider strips of red, white and blue carton strips and star shape cutouts to create similar, but much bigger S. flag medallion decoration.
  11. 3d star craft. Cut out 3 equal red, white and blue cardboard star shapes, decorate them with smaller stars, glitter and paper strings.
    Bend them a little bit in the middle and use sticky tape to attach them to the straw and to each other the way that the stars’ sides meet together as well.
  12. Patriotic straw wreath. Cut out one circle out of corrugated cardboard.
    Print out/paint two 4th of July greeting templates. Glue them onto both sides of the cardboard base.
    Gather your party-themed straws, apply some glue to one of their ends and stick them into the cardboard base.
    Attach a strip of blue/red tulle loop to the back of the wreath to hang it somewhere.
  13. Festive banner. Print out a lot of rhombuses with Independence Day themed designs or turn their creation into a separate craft.
    Take a long string. Fold each rhombus over it in half to end up with double sided triangle.
    Glue those two sides together and repeat as many times as you wish.
    Voilà! The U.S. flag banner to hang above your party table is ready to go! Leave a daycare request

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  1. Ernesto

    Wow, what a fantastic collection of 4th of July crafts! I’m absolutely thrilled to try out some of these ideas. The patriotic pinwheels and star-spangled mason jars are calling my name! As someone who loves to get crafty for holidays, this list is pure gold. I can already picture my home decked out in red, white, and blue, impressing all my friends and family at our 4th of July BBQ. Thanks for the inspiration! Time to stock up on glitter and glue!


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