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Mother’s Day gift ideas

mothers day gift and card

How to find an unusual present for your mother

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we all seem to be bothered with the same question all over again. We start thinking about what to get our moms, grandmothers and maybe wives, so that they enjoy the gift and it’s not too banal. The most basic ideas like flowers, gift cards, a spa salon visit, a small piece of jewelry, a nice an cute card ‘signed’ by your young toddler or a baby are still nice and they’re still going to help you express the love to your mother, the mother of your mother and the mother of your children. However, even those traditional (and that’s why so dear to the hearts of many women) signs of love and respect to motherhood may be presented in a different way. Just sit down with your child to make a card for your wife instead of buying one. Or, get the flowers delivered. Or, order a bouquet, where the flowers are made out of paper and little chocolates. Surprise your mom with an unexpected visit or gather all your siblings, who live far away from your mom and haven’t come to her for a while and find the way to spend some quality time together. While looking for a Mother’s day gifts and present ideas, remember that the most valuable thing you may give is your love and time.

You may opt for a DIY version or get something really special. Use the tips below, as they’ll give the children of all ages couple of present ideas. (As we remain our parent’s kids for the rest of our lives). Basically, you want to make the Mother’s Day gift as personal and toughing as possible. Just make sure that you don’t melt the mother’s heart completely. She’s still going to need it.

10 personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas

  1. If you’re a loving partner who wants to surprise the mother of his children with a gift, which is actually made by your little ones, consider making a couple of stepping stones. Stepping stone DIY project doesn’t require too many materials, but it’s still necessary to conduct it beforehand. Let your ids pick the design and decorate the concrete for a future stone. Make some cute foot or handprints on the stones, add some mosaic pieces, beads and other decorative elements, make a Mother’s Day writing, let your gifts dry and prepare to see major tears).
  2. Make a set of floating or teacup candles. They’ll look amazing and they’re not too difficult to make. You just need to find a couple of tall glasses or several little cups from an old or chipped china set to reuse them and turn them into the charming little candles perfect for a coffee table centerpiece or a dining room fireplace mantle.woman holding a teacup candle mothers day gift idea
  3. A cute photo holder will be a nice memory gift. The photos you’ll choose will create an entire atmosphere of it. They’ll accentuate the relationship between the mother and her children and will serve as the reminder of their special moments together. You just need a piece of wood and a few metal clips to create this beautiful photo holder that you can also customize with a very special message for Mom. You can add photos or you can just let her choose the pictures that she wants to display. This is a great gift for Moms who seem to have everything, particularly since you get to create a custom message just for her.
  4. If you live far away from your mother or just want to get her flowers, but not in a usual bouquet-gifting way, find a flower delivery service in her local area on HireRush.com and ask them to deliver some flowers to her every single or every other week for a couple of months. This way your mom will have fresh flowers at home not just for a couple of days in the honor of the Mother’s day, but throughout a long period of time. And, she’ll be excited to see what flowers will be delivered next. Post the delivery task now
  5. Make your Mom a fresh home spa experience kit to get her ready for a pampering session. Get a pretty metal box or tin, decorate it with ribbons, lay some decorative wrapping paper or mesh material on its bottom and fill it with your mother’s favorite bath supplies. Those may be the body scrubs, lotions, bubble bath balms, salts, etc. A DIY scrub will be even nicer. You may also put her favorite tea or a mini-size aroma candle to complement the spa experience. Leave a card or a note in it. Add a beauty store gift card or a hair salon visit voucher.spa day in a tin mothers day gift
  6. If your Mom or wife is a coffee lover, a copper French press, couple of little boxes of her favorite coffee and chocolates wrapped up in a basket will constitute an amazing Mother’s Day gift idea. It will be also perfect for a mother who doesn’t get too much sleep taking care of her small kids. A French press is an accessory that will make her mornings more special (and feel more bearable). Worried about her storage space? A gorgeous copper press—also available in stainless steel—is attractive enough to find a permanent home on her countertop.
  7. Another cool Mother’s Day crafty gift a little girl may make is a tassel necklace. It may be a colorful statement piece she’ll enjoy, especially if you make a matching one for yourself. Goodhousekeeping.com also presents a number of Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas for both young kids and adults, so check them out to see more crafty options and tips.
  8. If you’re fond of baking, make 7 or 9 cupcakes and turn them into roses with the help of colored icing. Then, grab a small metal bucket or a suitable vase, pop your edible roses onto the long wooden sticks, glue a sponge to the bottom of your future vase and stick the roses into the sponge base to make them stay in place. Set them as you wish, add a lovely note and an unusual cupcake Mother’s Day bouquet is ready to impress. You may also add the strawberry tulips (on the same wooden sticks) to the composition.cupcake bouquet for mother
  9. A set of cute measuring cups, a cooking book and a matching holder will become a perfect gift for a mom who loves spending time in the kitchen. A fabric-covered DIY cooking notebook or journal will fit into this idea too.
  10. Polaroid magnets or a cute string with the photos of your mom with all of her kids (and you, of course) attached with tiny pins at the top and letters spelling ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ at the bottom will be a nice surprise too. Just hang them on the kitchen window and set the main present below this ‘greeting sign’.

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