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Teenage girl room ideas

teenage girl room decor idea

Decorating her own room according to her taste and inspirations will be fun for almost every teenage girl. Cute and modern, classy and colorful, bright and comfy, the room is like an entire world for a teenager, as it’s the place where she spends most of her free (and not quite free) time at home. It’s also the place where the girl gets to enjoy her alone time or hangs out with her friends. And, of course, she still has to do her homework. That’s why the teenage girl room has to be kind of multifunctional, include all the things a teenager might need and represent her room decor perception. The coolest thing about decorating a room for a teenage girl is that it’s possible to introduce a lot of color, combine different styles and diverse things she might like, include a ton of DIY decorative pieces and turn it into the dream place of your daughter. The most important thing is that you have to work together and let her explore, come up with her own ideas and help her implement them in her room. Help her to pick out the furniture, the color of the paint for the walls, the bedding pattern, etc.

Make sure to use the space in the bedroom wisely, as it has to be a studying, relaxation and sleeping area at the same time. if you have two girls or a boy and a girl sharing a room, you have to ensure that they both get an opportunity to contribute to the room decor, introduce their own ideas, etc. Maybe, splitting the room in half and letting them decorate their part the way they want it will work. Or, you may sit together and discuss a common style, as well as the color theme, and then let your teenagers choose the items they like according to it.contemporary teenage girl bedroom

Getting the room done professionally might sound like a good idea. Hiring an interior designer to create a plan for the teenage girl room will make the process much easier. She’ll help you pick out the pieces of furniture and decorative elements within your budget and approved style. She’ll find the places to purchase the most unique items at affordable prices, etc. Go to HireRush.com to hire a designer and turn the bedroom makeover into a huge birthday present for your daughter. Let her work with the designer closely and fulfill her bedroom dreams with her help. Or, you may totally turn it into a mommy-daughter project and remodel the room together. If that’s what you’re going to do, check out a couple of teenage girl room ideas to figure out what may or may not work for you.

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10 ideas to decorate a teenage girl bedroom

  1. While adults prefer a space that’s calm and understated, teens appreciate vibrantly colored, high energy rooms. The wall is the biggest area you can work with in a bedroom. Some of the best teen bedroom ideas involve the walls. Bright color, a custom printed wall treatment, removable wall decals, custom paint or a graffiti wall treatment for an urban style, favorite words in neon or light marquis signs will look just amazing.
  2. Make an accent wall pop out with the help of the wallpaper. Choose an elaborate print that will match the color of the rest of the walls and find the curtains with a similar pattern to complement the look. Another option is to purchase the bedding in a similar style or in the same color theme.teen girl bedroom accent wall
  3. Create a sophisticated and understated New York-loft feel with a bare-brick wall study area. Flashes of color – such as the funky chandelier – and vintage film prints add an eclectic, studenty edge. This will also help to separate the studying area from the rest of the room and create a different atmosphere there.
  4. A loft bed may become a turning point of the entire teenage girl room. It looks quite unusual, adds a bold edge to the room, makes it more spacious and gives a chance to create a ‘sitting’ or reading area underneath the bed. You may place a fluffy rug, a comfortable chair and a huge teddy bear there and make it the place to sit down and relax. Make this area even more private by hanging semi see-through white curtains and adding the ferry lights. Loft beds often come with a couple of storage shelves, drawers or cabinets. Moreover, some of them come with a desk attached underneath the bed, which saves you a ton of money and time on finding and purchasing the matching one.loft bed for a teenage girl bedroom
  5. Teenagers and clean rooms wouldn’t ever meet if the parents didn’t try their best to make that happen. Messy rooms seem to be a teenager’s rite of passage. Good storage options will be the best feature they didn’t think they needed but will appreciate. Having places to keep all their stuff, even if it’s as simple as quickly throwing them in a drawer or chest, keeps their room tidy quickly. The easier it is for your daughter to access the storage place and keep things neat in it, the more likely she won’t reject an idea of putting stuff away. Under-the-bed bins, or shelving units with colorful textile boxes and wicker baskets, drawer dividers in the dresser, hanging shelves for shoes in the closet will make the parent’s and teenager’s life much easier.
  6. Does your teenager struggle with making her bed? Stop this endless fight by purchasing the zip-up bedding. It comes in different patterns and with the craziest prints ever. Bed skirts and pillow cases will be provided too. And, the only thing your daughter will have to do to make her bed in the morning is to zip the cover and adjust the pillows. The instant neat look is guaranteed. And, the minimum effort required to do the job won’t be an excuse for not making the bed anymore.zip-lock bedding
  7. A shelving unit that may be placed on the sides and over the bed creates a modern look, saves the space of the bedroom and provides the extra storage all teenagers seems to lack. Otherwise, why are their rooms always so messy?
  8. Another way to multipurpose a small teenage girl room is to make the full use of the vertical space to set up the studying area (wall shelves and storage cabinets), turn the bed into the room’s centerpiece by choosing bright and eye-catching floral bedding and arranging a ‘sofa’ area near the windowsill. You may skip the last option and hang a nice hammock or a transparent chair with bright cushions instead. Besides, if your daughter’s room is short on space, designers often suggest looking for a neat bureau design. When not in use, the desk top folds away, freeing up extra room for dancing around with a hairbrush in hand.cabinets and shelving unit for a small teenage girl room
  9. Teaming bright colors with vintage-inspired floral designs creates a fun, lively feel for a girl’s bedroom. White furniture is versatile and will work with a new scheme as they start to grow. Interchange colorful pieces with plain white.
  10. Finish the room interior by adding a couple of wall decorations and art pieces. This is where the DIY project will come in handy. Apartmenttherapy.com is one of the best websites to get the inspiration and cool room decor ideas from. For instance, your daughter may design the first letter of her name with a colorful rope and flowers, or pull a couple of strings inside the frame and pin the polaroid-size pictures with her friends to them, make cute garlands and banners, hang white or light pink drapers above her bed and decorate them with fairy lights, etc. Printable pictures and nail-string art, a DIY picture mirror or clock, a tassel garland above the bed and a four-piece canvas with small rainbow hearts will adorn a room of a teenage girl and make it a little bit more personal.

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