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Bathroom decorating ideas and tips

green bathroom design

Bathroom decor and design are something to think over thoroughly, as it has to combine functional and decorative features in order to save the space and provide more comfort to people, who’re going to use this room multiple times every single day. Unfortunately, most ordinary American homes don’t feature those huge bathrooms all fancy home design magazines have the plans to remodel. So, it’s quite difficult to make the most out of what we already have to turn the bathroom into a nice, spacious and bright area that screams of comfort, coziness and freshness.

Bathroom decorations may serve as additional storage solutions we never seem to have enough of. And, they don’t have to be really expensive. As you’ll be able to see later, you may minimize their cost by reusing your old furniture or finding an unusual purpose for some of the pieces you’d never thought. With their help you may transform the room drastically and without splurging on the throughout bathroom remodeling.

I won’t deny that building a bathroom at a new house or remodeling it completely requires professionals’ assistance in order to make a proper design plan, install plumbing and electricity features according to it, as well as to take care of walls and flooring.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t hesitate redecorating your bathroom or carrying out small DIY remodeling projects to change the room’s look and adjust it to your needs and tastes. Here’re some simple bathroom decoration ideas to inspire you a little bit and to give you some useful options to implement in your bathroom at a low cost.

15 easy bathroom decor ideas

  1. Make it as roomy as possible. Try to avoid bulky furniture with completely closed doors. Opt for the wall shelves made of metal rods, preferably multi-leveled ones that might hold woven baskets or wooden boxes with various cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, spare towels and rolls of toilet paper, etc. Such shelves won’t look too bulky on the walls, but will provide just as much storage space as one counter.baskets on walls in bathroom
  2. Attach several winding metal hooks to the bottom shelve to hang either decorative or bath towels. When choosing the color of shelves and hooks, consider the tone of walls in your bathroom. Copper, gold and bronze will go with warm shades. Stainless steel is perfect for white and grey bathroom patterns.
  3. Bring some color to the monochrome or bicolor pallet. A flowery shower curtain, a bright area rug or even a bowl with colorful decorative soap will do the job. Complement your accents with decorative towels or storage bins in similar crazy colors.
  4. Add the wall action. A contrast spot on the wall will make a huge difference, becoming the center of attention and expanding the rest of the room. Tile one of the walls with small evergreen or bright blue mosaic tile and create an interesting pattern or tile your shower the way that it visually stands out in a room, becoming its accent point.accent tile in bathroom decorating Learn how to tile a shower
  5. Another option is to tile (paint) the accent wall and leave an untitled stripe in the middle of the wall, paint it and attach the shelves or towel hooks there. This will give the walls an interesting touch and a well-thought look. Again, don’t forget about such design trick as the game of colors and shades. The stripe should be much lighter than the rest of the wall, preferably white if it suits your color pallet. Or, you may find different wall painting stencils to ‘fill’ this gap with Moroccan or other pattern. The mirror tile will look great as well.
    Believe me, this bathroom wall decor looks much more impressive than plain monochrome paint or tile. It gives the bathroom the character it often lacks.
  6. If tiling the walls is something out of your plans, you may totally decorate the walls with bathroom pictures. Choose exquisite frames for them. The transparent ones with metal edges and glass screens on both sides are quite unusual. Carry out a little DIY and transform the cheapest white plastic or wooden frames by painting them in a bright blue or light turquoise color and decorating them with seashell crumbs and colorful stones.glass frames
  7. Paint the frame of your mirror, so that it becomes a part of those metal detailing you’ve already implemented on the shelves and hooks. Use copper or silver spray paint.
  8. Attach the hooks to the ceiling, tie a white bulky string to them to hang the pots with small or medium-sized plants. Make the pots match your picture frames.
  9. Say yes to the low-cost storage units. Reuse your old furniture or purchase several vintage items (like an old wooden cabinet or a nightstand) at your local yard sale. A lot of interior designers love to give a second life to homeowner’s old things and make them the centerpieces of the room decor. So, paint those pieces any color to fit the pattern you’re trying to stick to. Refinishing an old nightstand to preserve its original color and texture is a good idea as well. Such pieces will create a vintage effect and provide you with a tone of storage space you the bathroom often lacks. The best thing is to use an old kitchen buffet for such a makeover. Its top part is either completely opened or has glass doors, so it won’t look as bulky as an ordinary cabinet.a ladder storage in bathroom
  10. Complement that vintage look with a renovated wooden step ladder. Use the steps to hang the towels or store them rolled. The stacks of spare toilet paper will look great there too. Opt for woven or fabric baskets to keep your bath balms and bubbly soaps. Take your old plates and use them as holders for your candle centerpieces. Make them out of the most ordinary bulky candles, colorful stones and seashells to continue the theme.
  11. candle in glass vase bathroom decoration Decorate the shelves of the renovated buffet, or your vanity, or even countertops with floating candle pieces. I feel like there’s no better place for them rather than bathroom. And, they’re not too difficult to make, but they look awesome. For instance, you may take a glass bowl or vase as your base and place a tall glass with a candle inside. Then, decorate the bottom of the base with colorful stones, fake plant sprigs, flowers or their petals, beads, etc. Fill the base with water, so that it doesn’t reach the top of the glass with candle. Put several drops of food coloring into the water to make it look even cooler and you’re done.
  12. Another bathroom décor idea is to create terrariums with cactuses and succulents. Purchase a glass base of a weird shape or use an ordinary transparent glass or plastic bowl for that matter. Fill it with layers of rocks, sand, colorful stones and soil, plant several succulents and cactuses in there and you’re done.
  13. Attach the bottom of several colorful plastic cups to the wall and store your cotton pads or rolled face towels in them.
  14. Place a vintage screen in front of the bathroom window not to hang the blinds and prevent the sunlight from coming into the room and still have the same protection from the curious neighbors.
  15. Keep it romantic. Attach a narrow wooden wall-long shelve above the bath tub have the room for tea candles and small lanterns.

When to hire a professional interior designer

I don’t have to explain to you that most of those grand bathroom designs that include building an arch to divide the bathing and sink areas, or creating a pedestal for a bath tub for the same purpose require too many construction activities and, consequently, significant expenses. There are great if you’re ready for a complete bathroom makeover or if you’re just building a new house. In this cases you may choose the kinds of wall and floor materials you like the most, determine the sinks’, toilet’s, shower’s and tub’s disposition, build a niche in the wall to provide hidden storage space, etc. And, this is when you should consider working with an interior designer, who’ll help you arrange the room the best way possible. He/she will help you choose the right colors, materials, bathroom equipment, storage units and decorative pieces according to the room’s peculiarities: from its size and shape up to the amount of natural light that manages to enter through the window.

An experienced interior designer is also able to find the best solutions to meet the customer’s requests. For instance, you’re willing to make one of the bathrooms in your house as child friendly as possible. So, your designer will have to figure out the way to child proof the bathroom utilities, make sinks and toilets more comfortable for your little ones and come up with such designs and décor ideas that would turn the bath time into a fun part of kid’s routine. But, it’s also important not to make the kids’ bathroom too childish. A complete remodel is kind of expensive, so it should last for quite a while and suit a child at different stages of his/her life.bathroom decor for a girlAnother common task designers have to deal with is effective use of the small bathroom’s space. If a client wants to have a bigger tub or a vanity with two sinks in his bathroom, but has no idea how to squeeze them into his tiny bathroom, they have to figure out how to make the customer’s wishes come true. And, interior designers are great at solving such problems, find unusual solutions to customer’s demands and working within a certain budget.

They’re aware of different small details that make bathrooms even more comfortable, which aren’t well-known among the ordinary homeowners. In addition to that, they often cooperate with reliable construction companies, so that their clients don’t have to waste time on searching for plumbers, flooring and tiling contractors and other specialists. Those companies often provide discounts to clients, brought by their fellow designers.

Hire an interior designer

That’s why you may totally address interior designer’s services not to worry about creating a plan, finding all suitable materials and things, hiring contractors and plumbers to implement those ideas, etc. Visit HireRush.com to find a local interior designer and conduct a full bathroom remodel with a minimum of trouble.

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    Awesome Post…! I like your bathroom decoration tips and ideas. This is very helpful tips for my bathroom decor. This is very unique designs feel so good. your bathroom looks awesome and clean. I am trying to follow your technique.

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    1. Yulia Poltavets

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