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How to arrange a perfect Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is almost here, and it means that all couples and just people who’re in love are anticipating the day with great excitement. It feels like the love extravaganza has exploded all over the world and romance became one extra component in the air. Who will be able to resist such general mood?

However, there is always some part of anxiousness connected to this holiday, as you’re willing to impress your beloved one, meet her/his secret wishes and expectations and make the day perfect for each other. It’s necessary to come up with something both of you will enjoy, as there’s nothing better and greater than seeing people you love and cherish being happy, smiling and laughing and sharing such experience with them. Moreover, doesn’t it feel good to be a reason of their happiness, especially on Valentine’s Day?

hearts, present and candles for valentine's Day

And still, somehow we’re always struggling to find a unique and meaningful present, plan the day the way your other half would take a delight in without being too cheesy and too beaten. If it’s your first time spending Valentine’s Day together and you don’t really know the tastes and interests of each other, it’s difficult to avoid a standard scheme. On the other hand, the longer you date or live together, the harder it gets to surprise a person you love, come up with something different and be up to the mark every single year.

But, Valentine’s Day is more about devoting ourselves to the person we love, making the most of our time together and proving once again that there’s nothing in the world you’d want more than the love of your other half than about following the common familiar path of spending the day. Nevertheless, it’s a nice opportunity to do something special for your loved one and make one more dream come true.

So, let’s see how it’s possible to arrange the Valentine’s Day the best way possible and ensure romantic experience for both him and her.

Plan the entire day and fill it with little cute things

Turn the entire day into the celebration of love and your relationship. Don’t limit the Valentine’s Day to a date night only.

Start with a romantic breakfast in bed. I’d suggest preparing heart-shaped pancakes with whipped cream and fruit selection, cup of seeming hot coffee or a glass of juice. Place all that goodness onto the tray, add a little vase with a single rose and surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend in the morning. Check out catering services for cute customized Valentine’s Day sweets and other goodies.


Think of an activity you could do together.  If you like bowling, skiing or riding horses – go ahead, if you want to spend time outside – pack for a picnic or a short road trip. Use an opportunity to introduce your other half to one of your hobbies like skydiving, car racing or anything else you’re keen on. Maybe, both of you would enjoy going to a quest room and visiting a theme park. Or maybe, you’d love to go to the opera or a concert of your all-time favorite singer/band, whose songs have something to do with the way your relationship has developed.

Fill the day with little surprises here and there (like knowing his/her favorite place to eat or shop at, choosing his/her favorite movie, etc.). Go to the couple’s massage or spend the entire day jin spa.

There’s nothing wrong in staying in bed all day long watching your favorite movies as well. Cook for your loved one or order a delicious takeaway.  Everything depends on your interests and character as a couple.

End the night with a romantic dinner.

Choose the gift wisely

In my opinion everything is much easier than people imagine. Your other half wants to receive a present you’re willing to give her/him, but not something she/he needs or wants, as it means that you really took your time and put feelings to pick it out. It’s good to prepare a customized gift of a sentimental value, which will evoke pleasant memories and thoughts and will somehow symbolize exactly your relationship.

I won’t even give you a list of those standard Valentine’s Day gifts, as you know them without me. Just think about the person you’re buying or making something for and opt for something you’d like her/him to have.

Women will probably feel left out if they don’t receive a nice bouquet of their favorite flowers and a card. So, flower delivery and a hand-written note will be an amazing start of the day. Those are the classical Valentine’s attribute one shouldn’t forget about under any circumstances. But, even such basic presents may be turned into quite interesting ones. Why not order a bouquet, where flowers are actually made out of little chocolates, wrapped into beautiful paper and decorated with cute hearts? It’s quite different from what your other half may expect.Valentine's Day flowers and chocolale

I think it’s safe to go ahead and prepare one main gift and come up with sweet and romantic additions. A book with 1000 reasons why you love that person, a jar with cheering-up quotes about love, a checkbook with coupons for little pleasant things like ’30 minutes of back massage’, ‘1 hour of playing your favorite songs I absolutely hate’, ’10 mind-blowing kisses’ etc. are only some of the options. These are the things you’ll remember later, but not a huge bouquet of roses that will last for several days or a huge awkward bear.

couple painting a heartAnd, at the end of the day, love is not about flowers, presents and various material things. It’s about caring, expressing the affection without no particular reason, cherishing every moment spent together and making other person happy. We fall in love not because we expect receiving expensive gifts, going to the restaurants or being showered with flowers. We fall in love not with person’s appearance, money, social status or possessions. It’s the character, humor, personality that attracts to the person, makes us want to get in know him/her better and fascinates us to the extent when one woman or a man, despite all the flaws, becomes the dearest person in the entire world, a center of our own universe. There’s no way we’re able to let him/her go now.

That’s why the best and the most priceless thing we can give each other is time and experiences.

Get ready to impress

Dive into your closet in search for a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Your choice depends on the plans for the evening, but I’d not recommend dressing up like for an official reception unless you’re going to a fancy restaurant later in the night.

Pick out nice underwear/lingerie and look for comfortable and relaxed, but still smart clothes. A flowy dress or similar top and pants/skirt for women will be amazing. And, I’m for some reason convinced that it’s better to put on a shirt for men. Pair it with dark jeans or trousers of your choice.

Basically, you have to be comfortable, confident and sexy in your outfit and fit the romantic atmosphere of the occasion.

Now, let’s think about hair and make-up for women. First of all, it shouldn’t be too dramatic, but still differ from your everyday look.

Valentine's Day makeup red lips

A light smoky-eye with nude lipstick or cat-eye liner with minimal eye shadow in combination with saturated red lips will be great. Treat yourself with a visit to the make-up artist to look absolutely flawless without having to stress over doing your face on your own. Or, you may even save time on the trip to salon and find a make-up artist who’ll come to your house with all necessary cosmetics and glam you up right there. Visit Hirerush.com to look through the professional’s profiles and make a makeup appointment right away.

Think about recreating a romantic curly half-up half-down hairstyle or go to the hairdressers if braids and curls aren’t something you’re really keen on.

Romantic Valentine’s Day dinner

No matter what your plans for the rest of the day are, a romantic dinner with candles, good wine (or juice, why not), subtle sow music and dishes of your favorite cuisine should be a culmination of a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration with a promising ending, if you know what I mean.

You can totally cook at home together and turn it into a fun and romantic process. But, if you want to go to town, arrange a surprise dinner at the restaurant and book it for you two only. Hire an event planner to decorate the spot, fill it with flowers and candles, your pictures and cute notes.

valentines-dinner plate with a rose

If you’re doing that for your girlfriend/wife, shop for a nice dress and shoes beforehand, wrap them properly and leave them at your bed or on the doorsteps of the house with a message telling the directions, but not revealing the plans completely.

Hire musicians to impress your other half even more and create exceptionally romantic atmosphere.

But, the most important thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to say ‘I love you’. When you really mean it, it feels the same every single time you say it.

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