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Your best Valentine’s Day date ideas


The next red circle on the calendar is around the 14th of February. That’s the date of the most romantic of all holidays: Valentine’s Day. Many men suspect that this occasion was simply made up by businesses like gift card sellers or perfumers. Women, in their turn, find Valentine’s Day special and value it. Yes, they may say to men that it means nothing to them, but in their heart of hearts, they expect their spouses or significant others to show their love in a unique and romantic way. If you are short of ideas for the holiday ahead, let us give you a few suggestions from professional event planners. You still have plenty of time to get ready for the big night.

1. Have Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

In the morning, wish her a happy Valentine’s Day in a text message. Write where she should go. When she gets to the spot, send her another message, saying how much you love her. Direct her to the next place. The interim destinations could range from a bakery, where a chocolate cake (you have bought) is waiting for her, to a beauty salon, where she can do anything she can to stun you with her looks. Finally, meet her at the place where you had your first date with a bouquet of roses and a heart-shaped box in your hands.

walking together

2. See the sights

In every town or city, there are several places that every visitor wants to see. That could be a hill overlooking the town or an old church with its original architectural style. Pick one of the places and go there. You can hire a professional photographer who could wait for you and take a portrait of you once you arrive. Don’t forget to dress warmly and take a thermos of hot tea in your bag. End your evening at a restaurant with a good view of the town.

see the sights together

3. Go to an ice or roller skating-rink

This is a great Valentine’s Day idea for couples who have just started dating. It helps you two stay close together, holding your hands and helping each other get up when you fall. If your skating-rink is already crowded, try to find a place for roller-skating. Then, when you are tired but happy, find a table at a nearby cafe or bar and raise a toast to your eternal love.

skating rink

4. Turn back the time

If you’ve been dating or married for quite a while, you may like the idea of reliving your first ever Valentine’s Day. Book a table at the same restaurant and order the same dishes. Try to remember what songs you listened to, how you were dressed, what drinks you had, and where you went after the holiday dinner. If the restaurant has a live music band and you danced on the first V-Day, repeat that experience, too.

romantic couple spend time

5. Learn to dance together

Arrange a private dancing lesson only for you two. That’s a good way to show your romantic feelings for the one you love and get your bodies touching. Choose a style such as Salsa or Pasodoble and try to learn the basic movements. You will not become pros after one lesson, but it will definitely bring you closer to each other.


6. Sing in karaoke

Going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is not something every couple has to do. You can go to a karaoke bar with a more relaxed atmosphere. Impress everyone with your beautiful voices. Although singing won’t bring your bodies so close together as dancing, it’s still a good chance to share your fluids. Choose a classic duet song like “You’re the one that I need” or something romantic from the modern repertoire.

7. Go exploring unfamiliar places

Valentine’s Day is a good way to escape from the routine and drudgery of everyday life. Even if you have been living in your city since your birth, there are still a few places you have never visited. Take a look at the map and choose several unexplored locations. Pack sandwiches, tea or coffee, and other food or drinks you like into your bag and set off. On your way, find a scenic place and have a picnic if the weather permits.

discovering new places

8. Go on a wine-tasting tour

While you normally have wine at a restaurant table on Valentine’s Day, you can go to the place where it is actually made. Book a tasting tour at a winery. Exchange your opinions of different types of wine that you’ve tasted. Buy a bottle of the wine that has scored the most points and have a romantic dinner drinking it.

wine-tasting on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for every couple. While you can simply stay at home and spend the whole day with the one that you love, we recommend doing something unique that you will remember for a long time. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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