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Tile flooring: what for?

tile flooring

There is a tendency that came from Europe to use tile flooring all over the place. Yes, you read it right, all over: not only in the kitchen or bathroom but in the living room and bedrooms as well! Without any doubts, tile is a great option for floors due to a number of reasons. It looks elegant and is very easy to clean. But is it suitable for the whole house? Are there any tricks you should know that might change your mind? We’ll try to break this issue down for you as easy as possible.

We can’t make the decision for you, yet we can outline pros and cons of this material. After weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of tile flooring you will be able to make a well-considered decision about your home renovation project.

Tile flooring pros

  • Aesthetics

    Tile flooring does create alluring beauty in any space. If it’s maintained properly, the long-lasting beauty can provide timeless appeal to your home.

  • Resale value

    Due to the durability and longevity of tile flooring, it can significantly increase home value in case of reselling. If you’re planning to spruce up your home for sale, then such an improvement can give you a 10-15% raise in price.

  • Great durability

    Tile flooring can withstand very heavy traffic over it. This is one of the reasons it is used in many hospitals, dentists, and public places. If cared for, it will last for years!

  • Heated floors

    If you live in a constantly cold climate, then you treasure warmth as the Holy Grail. And there is literally no better flooring material than tiles to be laid over the radiant floors.

  • Non-susceptibility to staining

    You know that a glass of red wine can destroy your precious hardwood, not even mention light-colored carpets. With tile flooring, you can forget about these issues. No stains stick to this floor regardless of what you do!

  • Hygiene and cleanliness

    As nothing stick to the tiles, you can easily sweep them with a brush or a vacuum to clean the floor. This significantly simplifies weekly home cleaning and provides safer space for your family.

    tile flooring living room

  • Safe for kids and pets

    As long as you use nontoxic grout, your tile flooring is 100% safe for everyone. No allergies and dirt stick to it, so your family can stay healthy no matter what. The only point here is that it should be cleaned regularly to reach this 100% rate.

  • Little maintenance

    Hardwood floors require polishing and oiling, carpets routine vacuuming, and only tiles require almost no maintenance at all. All you need is clean it regularly, just like any other floor. And there are no “but’s” or “however’s”. Moreover, tile flooring is scratch-free, so it’s the best option for people with pets.

  • Big choice

    It’s probably not a huge advantage because every type of flooring coverage has a great variety of options to choose from. Yet, in terms of tile flooring you get a choice not only in color, but also in texture, shape, shade, size, material, and basically any parameters you need.

  • Anti-static effect

    You might have experienced unpleasant sparks from synthetic clothes and rugs when touching them. Just imagine that you walk barefoot and get an electric shock! Well, this is something you won’t experience with tile flooring. Tiles don’t become electrically charged and this is the reason why electrically conductive tiles are advised for homes.

  • Fire resistant

    This is a point for smokers. Now you can feel safe that a little ash won’t get your home burnt completely. Ceramic and tile flooring will withstand any pressure and fire, and whatever else may come.

  • Great thermal conductivity

    There are special kinds of tiles that are weather-resistant. So no matter what temperature is outside, your flooring will never get freezing in winter.

The point you need to remember about tile advantages is that they concern not only tile flooring, but also tiles for walls and street covering. This is a smart investment that will pay off due to the durability and endurance of the tiles.

tile floors

Tile flooring сons

As we said in the beginning, it will be up to you to decide whether tile flooring is for you or not. So here you will find tiles drawbacks to get prepared for any issues that may occur in the future.

  • Сold surface

    This is always true about tiles. If you don’t install radiant floor heating under the tile flooring, you will have to walk in slippers at home at all times.

  • Tough in installation

    It’s tougher to install tile flooring than laminate, for instance. If you don’t have experience in this line of work, it’s highly advised to work with tile & ceramic floor contractors to ensure that you get what you want.

  • No insulation

    Carpets are the best insulators among all flooring types. With tile flooring you will need to think upfront about installing noise insulation. Otherwise on the ground floor you will hear everything that happens on the first one. In an apartment you can solve this problem with some rugs, yet still proper insulation is advised.

  • Slippery

    Not all tile flooring types are slippery, only the glazed ones. While glazed tiles are easier in maintenance, they are much more slippery, especially if they are wet. So if you go for full house tile flooring, ensure you have some rugs in the bathroom.

    tile flooring bathroom

  • Easy to crack

    While tiles are made of extremely sturdy material and can withstand high traffic, they can easily be chipped or cracked. This may happen even if you drop a usual plate or a heavy glass.

  • Weight

    If you decide to go for ceramic tile flooring, then you will find out that it’s pretty heavy. For this reason, ceramic tiles are not advised for upper story installations. If you simply must go for it, hire a professional tile contractor who can check the integrity of the structure and guarantee that you will not put undue stress on it.

tile flooring

The bottom line

Timeless appeal, sturdiness, and ease of maintenance make tile flooring a perfect option for a whole house floor coverage in the US. It is a smart and cost-effective investment because you raise the resale value of a house or apartment. If you go for tile flooring, you should be ready to work with professional installers because it will be a challenge for a newbie in home renovations. Be also ready to install radiant floor heating to avoid getting cold feet all year round.

Tile flooring is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, balconies (only if you choose non-glazed tiles), and patios. They would look ideal for small country houses to avoid much cleaning and ensure that your family is safe. Tiles are perfect if you’re planning to rent someone your apartment because they help to avoid many renovations after the tenants move out. If you need new floors in your own home, then you need to weight all pros and cons of tile flooring to make a well-thought decision.

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