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4-step Guide to Step-up your Boudoir Photography Game

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While there are various styles of photography that have an element of fine art, glamor, and fashion but boudoir stands alone as a niche in photography because it speaks about the most intimate and private segments of someone’s life. Mastering boudoir could prove to be a significant skill you can acquire to stand out in the photography industry. But before delving into the details of mastering it, let us first understand what Boudoir photography is.


What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is a French word that refers to a woman’s private dressing room. It is her safe space that is only accessible to her. Similarly, Boudoir photography is an intimate photography style that covers the private realms of the subject’s life. It exudes sensuality and is erotic in nature

Unlike other genres, boudoir’s subjects are often not professional models. Literally, anyone who is experiencing a self-discovery needs a confidence boost, or is just willing to express could make a good subject for Boudoir photographs. Boudoir photography is associated with extraordinary empowering that comes with stepping out of the meek shell and owning one’s sensuality.

Given below is a detailed guide you can use to step-up your Boudoir photography game!


Choose your own style of Boudoir

There are various styles of boudoir for a different purposes. For getting a perfect shot you must clearly identify your purpose and then choose the style accordingly. Classic looks for boudoir include dramatic luminous, playful, and vogue. Some of the modern ideas include vintage, pin-up, maternity shoots, and fine art nude.


Prepare the Shoot Setup in advance

Since Boudoir photography could be a little uncomfortable owing to its nature, it is very important to ensure that your shoot location and set-up are conducive to a comfortable client-photographer relationship. It is very important that the subject is at ease, with or without clothes, in order to deliver the perfect shot. They must be relaxed in sharing an intimate part of their life with you, for this, you must see that there is no distraction on the set. Everything must be planned and double-checked before the shoot.


Ensure an Effective Communication

Owing to its intimate nature, Boudoir photography could be a little awkward at first. Since the subject would be needed to demonstrate a very private and sensual portrait, it is important that you indulge into two-way communication to make the subject feel at ease. Try to make the subject understand the demand of your shoot and take their suggestions on the same. This would help you build a connection with the client.


Equipment Choices and Camera Settings

Lighting plays a key role in setting up the mood of your Boudoir photography but since the choice of lights lies with the subject, you have to be careful to adjust the camera accordingly. Most of the time, the camera is handheld during the shoot for easier posing and movement. Hand-held cameras are preferred because they are more flexible and allows the subject to be more fluid.  Since hand-movements tend to be shaky, you must keep the shutter speed of the camera high to avoid blurry photos. The choice of the lens could be yours completely but usually, fixed-focal-length lenses ranging from 35 or 55 mm lenses.


boudoir photography pose


Hence, we see that this form of intimate portrait requires a unique mix of photography skills but by keeping these boudoir photography tips in mind, you will be able to level-up your photos from mediocre to exceptional, allowing you to create thought-provoking imagery that sells big by keeping it simple. Besides the tips given here, you can refer to this detailed guide for the Boudoir photo session.





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