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Boudoir photography shooting: get ready in advance

boudoir photography pose

Boudoir photography is a way to uncover your inner self, to try a new outfit that you would dare to wear in the real life. Professional photographers create the atmosphere of trust and help their models come out of a shell. However, if you are still afraid of the shooting and really want it to be a success, there are a few preparation steps for you to take. Below we broke down those steps for you and believe that your shooting will be a great success!

Boudoir photography preparation steps

According to people who have already gone through a boudoir photography set, one of the most important things is to be inspired by someone during the shooting. Go online and check boudoir poses or best boudoir photos in the world. Learn from the pictures how women embrace their femininity and demonstrate it through the pictures. Inspiration is something that we leave to your own findings because every person finds inspiration individually.

Instead, here are a few ideas on how to level up your sensuality and natural attractiveness before the shooting.

  • Choose your outfit. Visualize it. Sexy heels or lacey accessories will flip you to the dark side of desire and help embrace the mood of your shooting.
  • Go through your closet and look for items that will make you feel desired. Don’t overthink choosing your outfit. Go with the flow and choose items that come to the front when you’re looking for the best fit. You have to feel sexy without any doubts, but comfort plays a huge role as well.
  • If nothing fits your created style, go shopping. And don’t forget to take a friend for moral support. Look for lingerie that will highlight all your curves and hide any disadvantages of your shape. Yet remember, that in boudoir photography sometimes cozy light sweater and laced tongue look much sexier than a push-up bra.

    girl on the bed

Several days before the shoot

Now you need to get to greater preparations, such as beauty salon. So here are the things for you to prepare at least five days before your boudoir photography shoot.

  • Go for a complete wax of all problematic zones. Don’t leave it until the last minute because you risk getting an ugly red rash on your marvelous images.
  • Visit a cosmetologist if needed and take care of your lashes, eyebrows, and any other issues. Again, don’t postpone to avoid unpleasant red marks.
  • Don’t visit a hair stylist unless you are completely sure about the changes. New hair color may not be up to your expectations, so you risk losing the whole temper and mood for the boudoir photography shooting.
  • Visit your manicure master and ensure that both manicure and pedicure are flawless. And this means not only that your nails are colored, but also that there are no hangnails or peeling skin on the feet.
  • Don’t try to get artificial tanning under no circumstances. Too much sun may and usually will lead to red, blotchy skin that can never look nice in the pictures. And don’t go for spray tans either. You will only look ridiculous, which is the opposite of sexy.
  • Drink water. If you forget to do so, your skin would look more pale and dry instead of luminous. And don’t drink alcohol a few days prior to the shooting for the same reasons.
  • Take your chosen outfits and try them on again. Remove tags, check for any threads and extra parts that you might need to remove. You need to get your whole outfit (and even outfits) ready for the shooting.


The night before the shooting

  • Take a bath, shave any unbridled hair, use scrub to remove excess dry skin, and don’t forget to properly moisturize your body after. Don’t limit yourself to hand cream only.
  • Pack all your outfits, jewelry, accessories, additional props, additional moisturizing cream, cosmetics, water, hair brushes, etc. Make sure that you packed everything and double check your bag.
  • Plan your trip to the studio with an ample of time so that you don’t come stressed and sweated to your perfect boudoir photography shooting.


Shooting day

Before getting to the special requests that most boudoir photographers would advise to you, one important thing is to stay calm and relaxed. Whatever happens, try not to stress out and enjoy your day. If you come to the set in a bad mood, there will be no use making the shooting at all. So here is what you need to do:

  • Use only clear deodorant so there are no “fluffs” under your arms.
  • Wear only comfortable and preferably loose clothing that won’t leave red marks on your skin. Take on sweatpants, a T-shirt, and sneakers instead of high heels and jeans.
  • Eat before the boudoir photography shooting because it may take awhile before you get the right images. However, keep in mind that eating too much will lead to the enlargement of your belly, which is not what you want on your photos. So eat a couple of hours before the shooting and go with something light.
  • If you have your hairstylist and makeup artist on the location, then ensure that you arrive with a clean and moisturized face and clean and dried hair.
  • Don’t forget to take enough money to pay your boudoir photography guru after the session.


If you follow all the tips from this article then you will definitely feel relaxed and come when coming to the studio. And this already means that half of a great work is done!

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