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7 tips for spring landscaping

spring landscaping cover

Once frost stops biting your hands, it’s time to go into your backyard and start spring landscaping. This is a great way to keep your mind off, train a little, and an ideal option to increase your home’s curb appeal. This article is dedicated to the tips for spring landscaping that will help you identify what exactly you need to do with your yard, depending on your geographic location and local flora.

  1. Know your climate

    At this point, you need to clarify what the climate of your region is and how your yard location may influence your spring landscaping. For instance, in California people can opt even for tropical plants because the temperature is always bearable for them, while Chicago inhabitants should opt for more resistant plants. Your yard will dictate the type of plants and their location due to the amounts of sunlight and shade that it receives.


  2. Research the strategy

    Spring landscaping has a great time advantage. Spring is long, and now it’s still winter. This means you have time to prepare a strategy and a detailed plan for your yard renovation. Think what you will be able to do yourself and where you will need professional landscaping companies. Keep in mind that spring is a busy time for landscaping experts, so look for yours in advance! (Should you have no idea where for, you can leave your request below to contact several landscaping designers in your area).
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  3. Learn about the “neighbors”

    Once you finish your spring landscaping and turn your yard into heaven, be ready that unwanted guests will join you there. We’re talking about insects, stray animals, moles, etc. To avoid complications and severe battles in future, plan ahead how you will be dealing with them. For instance, there are special vibrating mills against moles.


  4. Make one step at a time

    There is no need to plant everything at once during the spring landscaping works. you need to carefully follow recommendations for planting particular flowers and plants to ensure that they take well. During the early springtime, you need to focus on preparation of soil and organizing the space in the yard. Then in April-May, you can start planting your greenery.

  5. Plan for the future

    When you organize a Japanese garden, for instance, you will be able to see the almost final result the same year. In case you’re going for a forest-like yard, remember that the final view will take a couple of years. What does it mean? It means that when you plant trees and plants, leave some space between them, don’t try to cover the whole territory during the primary spring landscaping. Over the time your backyard will grow and get greener every day!

    plan for the future

  6. Maintenance needs

    From time to time, you will need to weed your yard or treat them against pests. Plan ahead spots where you will be able to stand or sit, while being inside of the flowers or bushes, without harming the plants. You can think of the paths around the yard or some wooden or ceramic “tiles” on which you will be able to stand. Consult with your spring landscaping expert, to ensure that you think of everything.

  7. Choice of plants

    You already know that your plants should be chosen based on your region so they will survive in your yard. Yet, another point to take into account is maintenance needs of the plants. Plants and flowers that actually blossom will require much more care and attention, while succulents as an element of a stone garden will need almost none. Think of how much time you will be able and willing to dedicate to the garden; based on this decision consider choosing the plants.


Spring landscaping is one of the most rewarding projects that you can do to improve your home. It will let you have a nice view from the window and can significantly increase property value in case of reselling. Use these simple seven tips to ensure that your yard looks stunning by the barbecue time!

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