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Garden Tips to Transform Your Backyard


Very often in spring people plan to renovate their home in different ways. Some plan to remodel a part of their house, some consider repainting the exterior, but not that often homeowners plan garden renovations. We decided to redress the injustice and below offer you seven garden tips to change the whole appearance and atmosphere of your home.

1. Mulch and edging

Mulch is mandatory for any garden regardless of its condition. It protects the soil from overdrying and keeps the moisture in the soil during the hot summer days. Furthermore, it helps to preserve the neat and fresh look for any garden.

You can either buy mulch or make it yourself for the next year. All you need is collect all the fallen leaves from your yard and let them decompose over the winter. If you need to buy mulch for this season, then go the best one you can afford, preferably black and fine.
With the mulch, you can cover the soil under the trees or around the bushes and easily create ornaments mixing black mulch with green grass as your instruments.

2. Prune, don’t cut

It is a common feature of all apologies for gardeners, who advise cutting down the trees! Never ever agree to cutting your beautiful yard shade unless the trees are empty or too dried up to survive. Instead of cutting, one of the greatest garden tips is to prune everything. Remember, that professionals from landscaping companies can prune almost everything to renovate the appearance of your yard. Try to work with what you have instead of destroying the beauty.

3. Give up on the useless plants

Most homeowners don’t like throwing away their dried plants in the hope that this season they will be back to life again. The same rule applies to the low performing plants. If you don’t like killing the plants from your yard, again, resell them in the neighborhood; there are definitely plenty of gardeners who will be interested in your offer. But, you need to say goodbye. Some plants literally just occupy the spot by overgrowing, and at the same time they don’t add up any beauty to the garden. This part of our garden tips may sound harsh, but the final result will worth it, trust us.

Here are a couple of criteria that your garden plants need to stand to in order to be left for the next season.

  • They are of the appropriate size: not too big and not cover the rest of the garden.
  • They must be useful for the whole summer season and not only for May, let’s say.
  • They must bloom long and colorfully or have a colorful foliage.

4. Foliage is your best friend

One of the frequent mistakes of homeowners who plan landscape and garden renovation is not thinking of the color. Sometimes you may create a perfect arrangement of the plants, but in the end see that it’s too green. Unless total green is your goal, the best garden tips say think creatively and choose plants with amazing foliage. One of the garden tips from experts is to keep in mind the leaves shape when choosing the foliage; not only their color, but their shape of leaves matters a lot for the overall garden appearance.

5. Declutter

Sometimes garden ornaments can congest your yard completely and destroy its beauty. Yes, it happens pretty often… Garden tips advise to think of the elements you truly need and use over the warm season and leave only these pieces of furniture and decoration. Everything else sell on a yard sale or just throw away. The more empty space will be in the garden, the more fresh air and relaxation you will be able to receive. daffodils-6157253_1920

6. Renovate the outside structures

Winter always makes negative impact on the outside structures. And you need to deal with it every spring. Take a close look at your fence, benches, containers, and any other elements that may require some refreshment. You don’t need to go for a complete repair; a fresh coat of paint and a cover of a hole in the fence can work miracles!

7. Take care of the outdoor soft goods

Just as you looked at the fence and benches, you should examine your sofa(s), chairs, table(s), and any other pieces of furniture. Fabrics may have faded over the winter and its replacement can be a perfect budget garden renovation this spring. Maybe you can just change or even simply wash the cover of the pillows to get a fresh look on your yard. Just don’t think that garden tips for renovation always have to cost an arm and a leg! Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference!

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