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7 ideas for small house decoration


Living in a spacious apartment or house must be everybody’s dream. Alas, many people can’t afford it for various reasons, and thus have to choose far more modest accommodation. Sometimes, the place we live in is so small that it requires an indigenous system of organization on our part plus a great commitment to keeping all our things in their rightful locations at all times. Doing so can be very challenging indeed. By following these simple tiny house rearrangement tips, though, you will soon be able to make your dwelling look cozy and stylish with little effort.

1. Get rid of anything you don’t really need

Before you actually get down to thinking about how to organize the precious space in your tiny house in the most efficient way, consider whether you can’t live without each and every thing in it. Are you sure you need that coat you last wore some five years ago? Can you do without the notebooks from your college years? Take stock of every item in your house and decide if you can get rid of it after all. Yes, that can be tough, but your neat and clean house is much more important, isn’t it? So, don’t let sentiments get the best of you. Be pragmatic.

2. Divide your room up into distinct areas

In many cases one and the same room can perform many functions. For example, you can use it for having meals, catching up on some work, watching TV, or simply as a place for relaxation and rest. Your child or children can play there, too. The best way to organize the space in this room is to divide it up into clearly defined areas and “label” them according to the purpose they serve. This trick will not only help you use the space more efficiently, but can also contribute to the strengthening of the ties between your family members, since you will be gathering in this common room more often.
Apart from splitting the room into zones, you can use rolling carts. They can hold quite a lot of useful things, and you can move them out of your way when you don’t need them.

3. Leave nothing on the floor except your rugs, carpets, and furniture

One of the key principles of good tiny house rearrangement is to avoid storing your things on the floor. If you have a child with a ton of toys always scattered about, think of having shelving units to store the toys. Otherwise your room will look cluttered even if you divide it into zones as described in the previous tip. If you live in the colder climate, you may have to use floor heaters. Consider installing radiant floor heating instead. That will save some space in your house and make it warmer and more comfortable. You can also organize storing your footwear in a better way if you install a rack above the floor level in your closet and put your slippers, boots, or shoes on it. That way you will also facilitate cleaning your house or apartment: You will not have to move any objects on the floor in order to sweep or mop it.

4. Be flexible in how you use space in the house

You can be more inventive and flexible in how you assign functions to your rooms. If you have a basement, for instance, you don’t actually have to use it for storing your things. Perhaps, you can move your belongings somewhere else like your garage and use your basement for another purpose. Turn it into a workout area or study where you can work in complete isolation from the whole world including your family.

5. Look up. Use open shelves

While performing your tiny house rearrangement, think vertical. When the space is strictly limited, there is no other option. No place for a bookcase? Build a shelf on the wall. Nowhere to put your beloved guitar? Hang it on a hook. You can also put various cooking utensils such as pans on a rack. Plants and baskets that you want to keep in your house by all means can be hung from the walls or ceiling. Also, use as many open shelves as possible. While they are not the best choice in the kitchen due to the grease accumulation, they will be a perfect fit in the bathroom. You can place there things like shampoo bottles or body creams.

6. Buy furniture that serves several functions

A piece of furniture that can be used for more than one purpose is indispensable in a tiny house or apartment. Try selecting your furniture according to how many functions it can serve. For example, choose a sofa that you can turn into a bed. When selecting a table, make sure you can also use it for writing or as a coffee table. furniture-998265_1920

7. Learn to say ‘no’ to things you can’t bring to your house

There are so many things we would love to buy, for ourselves or for our family. When choosing a new household item, take a second and try to remember if you already have it or if you have another thing that serves the same purpose. If the answer is positive, don’t buy it. The most important consideration when deciding if you can purchase something must be the available space in your house. If you are not sure you’ll be able to find room for a thing, bid it farewell.

The tiny house rearrangement requires following some basic principles. Among them is placing things vertically, avoiding buying something with no available space for it, being flexible in assigning functions to your rooms, and others. Apart from trying to work out an organization system for your house on your own, you can use the services of professional decorators and designers to assist you in this challenging task.

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