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Easy Ways to Build Your Man Cave When Your Space Is Limited


While every guy wants the biggest and coolest man cave ever built, sometimes there simply isn’t enough space to get everything done that you want. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have something cool, you just have to be creative with your ideas. Here are some tips to get that man cave designed when you don’t have a whole lot of space.

Size Does Matter

Make sure to measure everything, starting with the walls of the rooms. By knowing precisely how much space you have to work with, you can eliminate wasting anything being built that simply will not fit in the room. This is a huge time and labor saver.

You’ll Need Tools

To do any kind of serious work in a room, you’re going to need tools to do so. While your average toolbox tools will certainly help, you’re going to need a few extra goodies as well. The first thing you may want to arm yourself with is an oscillating tool. This is a multi-tool that allows you to get into places that are hard to reach. You also want to get yourself a circular saw so that you can build cabinets or any other kind of woodwork that requires a straight edge.

It’s TV Time

It isn’t really a man cave if you don’t have a television in it. This will be a matter of personal taste as to what type of television you purchase, but what isn’t a matter of taste is the room you have to work with. Go into the actual room and test out a few different scenarios so that you best know where and how the television will be positioned. You may opt to have the TV set into the wall to save space or you may want it attached to a swivel arm so that the unit can be positioned into a multitude of angles.

Where Are You Sitting?

Obviously you aren’t going to be standing in your man cave while you and the boys watch the big game so you’re going to need a very comfortable chair. One key here is to make sure that you are comfortable while also ensuring that your guests can enjoy the experience as well. At least comfortable enough that will have fun but not to spend the night constantly as a built-in house guest.


These initials may famously mean something else, but in this case, they mean Build Your Own Bar. Even if you are not a lover of alcohol, you still need refreshments to offer your guests and a homemade bar is certainly the vehicle in which to do so. You can get creative on your own or print out design plans from a plethora of websites. The key point is that it will exhibit your personality while still saving money. If you are going to serve alcoholic drinks, make sure to remember shelves where you can store different bottles of booze as well as mixers. You probably want some wall art to go along with the design as well.

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